Color :-

Indigo Blue

Element :-


Appearance :-

Like a Lotus with two petals

Position :-

In between two eye brows, Inside the forehead but slightly in the back side.

Functions on Physical Level :-

Agna Chakra controls the temperament of a person.

Inefficient (Imbalanced) :-

Invites disease like Ascites, Lungs and throat related diseases, increasing of heartbeats and viral infections.

Functions at Mental Level :-

Agna Chakra is the place of Guru. One can call it a spiritual platform from which one can travel to the unknown regions, not only of this world but also of diffrent world. Let's say divine regions (Not existing on the geographical world map) or say Agna Chakra is the window through which one can look at the astral world and link up himself meditatively with Param Chaitanya Tatva dissolve his identity into it. Ultimately becomes the one and only one AHAMBRAHMSMI, I and THY are the same that's called self-relisation.

Efficient (Balanced) :-

Brings awareness, increases the receptivity and intuitive power. Mainly one can act as a messenger (Telepathy), Mentally he can release and catch the vibrations (messages) rays effectively and accurately which is not possible for a common person in a normal circumstances. Its like cosmic rays working at low energy level or say at low frequency.

Inefficient (Imbalance) :-

Short-tempered, haphazard behavior & low awareness level.