1. What is Agnihotra
2. Types of Havan Kunds and their uses
3. Earth’s Magnetic field
4. Electron Spin and Magnetism
5. Havan Kund and EMF
6. Atoms and its structure
7. Atoms and Magnetism
8. Particle Collider and Accelerator
9. Magnets
10. Medical science, circular path and Agnihotra
11. Sun, earth magnetic field, moon and Agnihotra
12. What material should be used in making of Havan Kund
13. Can I use Havan Kund made of copper or iron
14. Can I get any bad effect of Agnihotra if I make any mistake
15. Can I do Agnihotra at any time
16. When can I do Rajsik Agnihotra
17. What is importance of Agnihotra during Full Moon
18. What is a Mantra and how it works scientifically
19. Factors working in Agnihotra
20. How can you manipulate particles through Agnihotra
21. What types of bonds can be created in Agnihotra
22. Our Researches
23. List of things needed before Agnihotra
24. Procedure of Agnihotra
25. Words and their meaning