Kundalini is very at home in the will/spirit body. By its very character, Kundalini needs to flow, and this body is one of flowing, moving, and acting. It is extremely easy to get carried away with this flow. More karma is formed through the incorrect use or non-use of the will/spirit than through the other bodies; this energy has a much firmer quality and needs plenty of direction. On the positive side, a person can possess immense magnetism and feel delight or overjoyed states.

Cleansing the Will/Spirit :-

As cleansing progresses to the will/spirit level, one might get involved in power trips, common among which comprise- thinking that one has all the answers to every problem and thinking that personal power is unrestrained, whether political or financial, charisma, handsomeness or prettiness. In general, such a power trip suggests unwarranted ego and an unreasonable use of will.

Personality Changes :-

Keeping a constant flow of energy on the atmic level is tremendously difficult. People who possess moderately weak or quiet personalities may find themselves totally changed through the Kundalini cleansing, even to the point of going through Jekyll/Hyde transitions, very delightful sometimes and almost hellish at others.

Attachments :-

Everything is accelerated through Kundalini. One should never get caught up in what is occurring. Attachments to actions, ideas, thoughts, shame, pride and feelings may cause blocks and a great deal of wasted energy. It is advised to loosen up the shoulders and hips and relax the body. One should use their spirits well, along with other choices.

Not My Will, but Thine :-

Firstly, one needs to ponder over how often in the past few days has one used their will to get things done. Have the uses really been wise? It is advised to be in prayer in such times. It is also suggested to know God`s will for oneself. Never should one fight God`s will, but rather join one`s personal will along with it.

The Ultimate :-

The will/spirit body is the home of sex and is where the male and female (positive and negative) polarities are separated. (They are joined in the soul level body.) In the ultimate energy, these polarities are balanced and pretty operational. Balance will coordinate people with evolution and divine will. Enormous powers, joy and bliss will be natural parts of human`s being.