Attunement of REIKI is a distinctive process in which the master attunes the participant, in such a way that the attunee is capable of reciving the greater spirutal force of Shakti or Energy called Chaitanya Shakti in his body entering from Crown Chakra, this circulates throughout the body. The so-called Energy or Chaytanya Shakti touches all seven Chakras, activates them and flows off the palms. Such energy called REIKI energy is the real power which is very effective and protective against any type of problems or difficulties on any level like Physical, Emotional or Material.

In short, the attuner is the media while giving attunement. As a media the Guru (Attuner ) attunes the disciple with cosmic energy. Really speaking, an attunee transforms himself or herself into one of the cells of Vaishvik Chetna i.e. cosmic energy and undergoes a change. He or She has a new look towards the society and himself or herself.