The Body which we can feel and touch is the Annamay Body. It is eyes, ears, mouth, hands, legs and everything. Apart from this there are Six other bodies.


It is about four-inch wide around the body. When we are disturbed or sick, or when we are in trouble our Pran Sharir is disturbed. If our palms are sensitive, we can feel and know the trouble by moving our Pam, keeping four inch far, because there may be congestions or depletion where there is difficulty.

Today one can take the photograph of Pran Sharir. By that one can forecast the illness or disease. This is called Keralian Photography.

If the Pran Sharir is cleaned one can feel easiness. It has also colors according to the status of mind.

As for a person who is loving has an aura of Pink Color. In anger he has an aura of Red. If peaceful, has an aura of white color. In the same way Yellow color indicates Intelligence.


It is the third body. It is about three feet wide around the body. Through certain meditation it can be wide open upto three miles. Some saints astral bodies are so effective that wild animals give up their violence.

Lion and cow move together in their dwelling place, but when the same Lion leaves that area it shows its original nature of violence.

We can travel by astral body. eg- We remember someone during day time and we have a dream of the same person. In fact it is not a dream but we see that person by astral body. Astral body can go and come back within a movement.

At present science is able to take the photographs of Pran Sharir ( Aura ). If highly sensitive camera is invented a great revolution will take place, as through astral body we can contact the dead.


The fourth is the mental body in which our thoughts are there. Sometimes as soon as we enter someone's house or sit with, we can get the idea about what is going in one's mind.

This is possible because we are in contact within one's mental body through vibrations. Moreover, Kundalini Shakti is also in Mental Body.

One can see astral body which is invisible after certain level of meditation but the mental body cannot be seen.


All our emotions like fear, anger, love, feelings, etc. are stored in the Emotional Body. Its vibrations immediately touch others. Even a little child can understand it. When you are in loving mood, the child would sit in your lap and start playing. If you are in anger the child will recognize your feeling ( anger ) and would not come to you, as it comes in the touch of your Emotional body and your emotions. In the same way we would also like to talk at the proper time as we get the vibrations of the mental status of opposite person.


We all are united through Cathedral body. Though we exist separately the whole universe is united with each other. We all are connected with the Vaishvik Chetna i.e. Cosmos.


It is just like a DOT. It is fully lighted, it is our SOUL.