Color :-


Element :-


Appearance :-

Like a Lotus with thousand petals

Position :-

At the center of head

Crown Chakra is the entrance point of God's grace. The grace enters only through the Crown Chakra. You might have observed that whenever we start something new, usually we take blessings of our elders and elders in turn put their hands on our head and bless us. By putting their hands on our head they are releasing their love, affection and their support in the form of energy through their hands in our Crown chakra. This energy spreads in our whole body and boost our moral and confidence, inspires us, makes us more trustworthy and as a result all our deeds become successfull. But all these talks are on the materialistic plane. Crown Chakra has its identity on Spiritual Plane. It is the source of the tool to attain Paramanand.

There is no doubt that Param Krupalu Paramatma showering his gracious blessings with thousand of his hands but we people don't catch it, grasp it, or even see it. We become so physical and materialistic that we don't know when and where he showers his grace. We are running after mental peace in worldly matters and substance. The real substance, the real eternal peace, the pure divine music, the real zero, the real vacuum does not exist else where, it is inside, once we are determined to find we can experience it. No worldly object will stop us, only things required are Dedication, Patience, Awareness and ofcource readiness to achieve our goal in life. That is called Self realization Atma Sakshatkar to now yourself.