Every human radiates feelings from the emotional body. An individual feels anger there, annoyance, when the needs doesn`t meet. From the emotional body, one learns to give and articulate love and caring, thus satisfying the needs to be in relationships. The emotional body is very challenging; searching fulfillment, if not straightforwardly, through various secretive manners. Feeling exhausted or unable to express, it may seek pleasure and stability in smoking, eating definite foods, unreasonable behaviour or any other number of ways. When an individual keeps direct contact with their emotions, they can deal with these in healthier processes.

Cleansing the Emotional :-

As the Kundalini purifies the emotional area, one may find that emotions are out of balance to, a given situation. There may be crying spells or other emotional states without apparent reason; the Kundalini is simply hitting a block full-force. One`s standard reaction is to block again; it is much better to enter an open meditation, permitting thoughts and feelings to surface, thus allowing the block release. The block may be associated to the feeling level, either of a past life or a former experience from this life. It may also represent a present problem. Sometimes it even relates to things which have not yet occurred, but have only begun to manifest through the system.

Emotional Control :-

Emotions and feelings are just vibratory rates; changing the rates, one can alter their emotions and feelings. As an exercise, one needs to feel their own sadness as deeply as possible. Then, the sadness needs to turned towards joy and try to notice the alteration of vibrational quality. The same should be done with fear, reversing it into faith and bravery. Similar action must also be done with jealousy- it needs to turned into understanding one`s own needs. Likewise, pride needs to altered into thankfulness. A person can take any emotional quality that is difficult to them, think about its opposite and work with it in this manner.

One needs to learn to feel without getting caught in it. The person needs to keep a point of view on the situation by equalising energies in the body. He or she should feel the energy in the back as well as the front; energy that remains predominantly in the belly area, creates a propensity in humans to give far more attention to the feelings than they deserve. In such cases, the belly area needs to be massaged and asked, what is there that needs to be recognised; then, the entire energy needs to be moved into the whole body, to incorporate or eradicate it.

The Ultimate :-

After purifying and refining, it is feasible to have feelings without getting caught in them, to experience life without causing more karma and blocks, and to love without affection. The emotional body will then give prosperity and intensity to whatever one does.