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Dr. Gaurav A. Vyas

A Graduate in Bachelor In Commerce, Web Programmer, Database Administrator, Network Security Engineer, Researcher in Vedic Science and Acharya (teacher) by profession I always used to see that a lot of computers were connected to the main server though a cable and all the computers could communicate to each other because they all were connected to each other in some way or the other.

I observed this concept carefully and came to understand that the concept of network, family and universe is not much different. We all are a family and we can communicate with each other because we share a relationship and this relationship we have is because we all come from the same Ancestor.

It was this observation that had attracted me in finding my roots, after writing a book known as Vyasroots I started to create a web site on my family and came across many hidden secrets which I have kept it on this site so that what all knowledge I received in my research can be shared with everyone.

Rootshunt started its journey in the year 2005. At present we have also developed our business in
of Paranormal Investigation, Vastu, Crystal Reiki Classes, Crystals, Agnihotra Ash, teaching Agnihotra with Science and Kund Construction.

In the year 2011 he received Individual Achievement Award from IEDRA (Indian Economic Development and Research Association).

In the year 2012 he received Global Business Leadership Award.

In the year 2015 he received Brands Achievers Special Achievement Award in Crystal Reiki Healing.

In the year 2015 he received Brands Achiever for Valued Product of the Year (Agnihotra Ash - Bhasma).

In the year 2016 he received award from Economic Growth Society of India of "Asia Pacific Gold Star Award". In recognition of Sterling Merit, Excellent Performance and Outstanding Contribution for the Nation and World Wide.

In the year 2016 he received award from Economic Growth Society of India of "Jewel of India".

In the year 2016 he received acknowledgement from Bhagwan Yagyavalkya Ved Tatvagyan Yogasharam in "Researcher In Vedic Science".

In the year 2017 he received "Intellectual Quality Excellence Award, In recognition of quality performance for the progress of the nation" from The President and Members of Indian Journalist Compendium.

In the year 2017 he received Certificate of Excellence for actively participating in The International Seminar on the topic "Establishing Global Peace" for the Sustainable Development For Strong Nation Bulding organized by the Academy Of Universal Global Peace - USA in association with National People Forum Of India during month of May 2017 and performed The excellence Contribution As "Teacher Trainer" in the Global Mission Of The United Nations Global Compact And All UN Charters.

In the year 2017 he received Degree of "Doctor Of Spiritual Science".

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Dr. Gaurav A. Vyas

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