The gems and stones have curative power, bestow prosperity and enhance good luck to the man. Gems were well known to our ancestors since ages. Gems and their beneficial uses have been mentioned in Vedas and Puranas. It is believed that gems can cure some of the deadliest diseases. Earth has greater gravitational force than the other planets. Due to the gravitational force, a huge amount of cosmic rays of the planets falls on the earth. These rays fall on the human beings also who live on earth. Such rays produce many effects on the physical and mental conditions of human beings. By virtue of these effects, many incidents occur in his life. Every incident involving a human being is a reflection of his thoughts only. As his thought is, so will be the incidents.

Hence the nine planets by means of their cosmic rays influence the human beings' minds, influence their thoughts, and cause good and bad luck to them. Generally, cosmic rays of all planets produce negative vibrations. These negative vibrations create bad effects on human beings. Though all the planets' vibrations affect human beings, the birth planet's rays always surround him invisibly. Theirs are also negative vibrations. Gems have the power of transforming these negative vibrations into positive ones. They may offset the evil vibrations and as a result only good vibrations may affect human bodies, thereby producing good luck to us. Wearing of lucky gem not merely changes our bad luck into good one, but also cures our ill health and brings about success in our finance, business, job, education, marriage, and confers peace of mind. Gemstones are formed from the molten lava thrown out by volcanoes, when a volcano erupts, the molten lava brings out many mineral substances along with it which, due to the extreme heat, have been cleared of all impurities and attained liquid form. When the lava cools down, the purified mineral substances solidify and begin to sparkle as gemstones. These gemstones are normally found scattered in river beds.

Gemstones are identified and valued by their color, brilliance and beauty .The gemstones which are found to be rare are called as precious gemstones and others are called semiprecious stones. Diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds come under precious stones. The other gemstones come under semi precious stones. Our body is composed of seven colours. They are called the 'Indra Dhanush' in Shastras. These colours should be in equal amount in our body. If any colors is deficient, our health will suffer. We should then inject rays of the deficient colours into our body by means of the gem which picks up the concerned planet's colour rays and radiates them into our body. Planets are in different colours and each emits rays of its own colour to the Earth. Different gems capture and radiate them into our body. Selection of appropriate gem can be done through astrology, numerology, zodiac signs, ruling planets, date of birth, month of birth, cure for any particular illness and so on. The colour, appearance and the weight of the gem are the most important factors for buying a gem.

As you become familiar with stones, meditation, healing work, and the energies within and around you, you will begin to incorporate your awareness into different aspects of your life and consciousness. Studying and working with the chakra system will help you become aware of the powerful life force energy that exists within our bodies, minds, our environment, and ultimately the physical and divine universe. Your body is indeed your temple.

Below is a brief listing of stones and their use with the chakra system to get you started.

Opens and activates crown chakra
Aids in clearing and perfecting chakras



Balances energy and aligns chakras with ethereal plane, activates and opens navel and solar plexus chakras, energizes the root chakra and stimulates crown chakra
Opens and cleanses 3rd chakra
Activates crown chakra
Green Aventurine
Activates, clears, protects heart chakra


Awakens and balances 1st through 4th chakras and centering and grounding for the heart chakra
Clear, white Calcite
Stimulates energy of all chakras, excellent at the crown chakra
Carnelian Agate

Use with the 1st through 4th chakras and physical energy, creativity, compassion


Aligns chakras and ctivates heart chakra
Activates crown chakra
Green Flourite
Good for cleansing, renewing chakras


Stimulates base chakra and removes negative energy from chakras, promotes physical healing
Good for treating and closing the root chakra
Pink Kunzite
Activates heart chakra and aligns and balances the chakras
Aligns all chakras automatically and can be used to open chakras
Lapis Lazuli
Activates and clears throat and third eye chakras
Stimulates heart and throat chakras
Use at the throat, third eye, and crown chakras
Cleanses negativity from chakras
Black Obsisian
Grounding, good for the Root chakra

Tiger Eye

Promotes intuition at the solar plexus chakra enhances psychic ability at the third eye chakra


Elevates and attunes all chakras and facilitates communication skills at the throat chakra
Black Tourmaline
Stabilizes root chakra, dispels negativity, good for the lower back
Green Tourmaline
Heart Chakra
Deep Pink Tourmaline
Stimulates base chakra and connection to heart chakra
Watermelon Tourmaline
Superior activation of the heart chakra
Rose Quartz
Loving energy to the heart chakra and balances energies of all chakras

Quartz Crystal

Opens all chakras, activates crown chakra, clarity of consciousness,
balances and heals emotional wounds at the heart chakra
Smoky Quartz
Root chakra