Healing Wand

Unbalanced chakras can be balanced with the use of crystals and gemstones by applying the vibration properties of crystals on areas of the body.

Understanding Wand :

A wand is a tool which is used to focus your intent to achieve an aim.

Example : A student is sitting in a class room thinking about other things and at that time the teacher point a ruler at the student. A student recognizes the sensation of having been focused. Just like a ruler if the wand is made of crystal or contains crystals it focuses your intent and amplifies its effect.

Sometimes a person may experience sensations so powerful that he feels the top of head is trying to unscrew itself.

Crystal wands are not formed naturally. The terminators will sometimes be rounded on the base. Rounding the base allows it to be used as a massage tool directly on the skin. You can use crystal wands to ease tension anywhere in your body. It works well on the head, feet and hands.

Healing wands are also used to scan the aura and to detect blockages. It is also used to remove blockage in a number of ways.