Color :-


Element :-


Appearance :-

Like a Lotus with twelve petals

Position :-

At the center point between nipples

Functions on Physical Level :

Efficient ( Balanced ) :-

Heart Chakra circulates the blood in the body and plays the important role of making the heart tick.

Inefficient ( Imbalanced ) :-

Headache, Chest pain, Neuralgia, T. B., Dry Skin, Rheumatism, Mental disorders and Possibility of heart attack.

Functions at Mental Level :

Heart is considered an important organ, because it is storage place of our emotions, expressions and feelings. We must understand the importance of the Heart Chakra because this center is the main center or source of love & compassion.

Efficient ( Balanced ) :-

Qualities like being Poetic and Ambitious and having control on the will and wishes, Capacity to understand others difficulties, Problems, Sympathetic towards others feelings, Receptive, Soft hearted and full of Pran Shakti makes one more energetic.

Inefficient ( Imbalance ) :-

Confusion, Negative thinking, Contradictory statements, Narrow-mindedness, Guilty feeling, Meaningless talk, Jealous, Hatred and Talk ill of others.