People perform different exercises to prepare themselves for the Kundalini awakening. They may do special physical postures, controlled breathing exercises, meditation, chanting, etc to prepare them for the Kundalini awakening. Kundalini is a magnificent power, so that you have to be cleansed and pure enough before you are ready for its awakening. If you are not cleansed and pure enough and start working with Kundalini awakening, you will have serious problems and sickness after the Kundalini is awakened.

After preparing themselves for years, people will normally do special exercises to awaken their Kundalini. There were two very "common" techniques used in the past. The first one was called vase breath technique (kumbhaka in Sanskrut or rlung bumpacan in Tibetan). The other technique is called three locks or bandha traya. Those who were lucky and blessed enough may have gotten their Kundalini awakened after practicing one of these techniques for many years.

However, as the energy released from the Kundalini that has been awakened is so huge and unlimited, they may still experience different problems even though they may have done special preparations for years. So, the Kundalini awakening may not always be a pleasant experience.

Luckily in this new age spiritual growth can be achieved much easier. As the Kundalini is also one of the most important factors for spiritual growth, Kundalini awakening can also be achieved much easier than in the past. Your Kundalini can be awakened instantly with the help of someone else. This method is called shaktipat and means energy transfer in Sanskrut . In this method someone uses her/his energy to help you awaken your Kundalini.

When you experience a Kundalini Awakening it will change your life forever. You will first perceive the world, yourself and every person you meet as Divine. Everything will have the flavor of an enlightened consciousness behind it. Yes, everything is already Divine Intelligent Conscious Energy, yet the smaller self (ego) is blocking the way.

A Kundalini awakening removes the veil that stops you from seeing the world as it truly is Sacred and Divine. When the Kundalini rises up through your Chakras it purifies you to experience the abundance of love, healing and a consistent connection to this higher intelligence that is everywhere.