There are numerous chakras in the body, but eight primary ones need to be used for this exercise- those in the areas of glands with extra magnitude in spiritual and evolutionary growth. In the beginning, the succeeding chakras needs to be followed- Navel, Solar Plexus, Heart (upper chest), Throat (lower neck), Fifth Eye (centre of the forehead), Crown Chakra (top of the head).

This exercise needs to be done lying down or in the lotus position; the back, neck and head needs to straight and taken care of. It is much easier and usually safer to lie down. Attention needs to placed on the lower neck, above the tailbone area; however, it is strictly forbidden to not go as far down as the tailbone, as this may release extra Kundalini. Energy needs to be brought from the lower back to the spine, and then direct it out to the front of the body through the navel chakra. One must be conscious of the energy flowing out. It should not be forced. It should just be allowed to happen. However, the "feel" of energy, the excellence of the vibrations needs to keep in mind. One might experience strong feelings; if so, it should just be allowed to come. After a few minutes, the energy needs to be brought back to the spine, up and out they chakra in the solar plexus (just below the breast bone). One must be conscious of any alterations in the vibrational quality of the energies.

Continuing to bring the energy back to the spinal column, up and out the next chakra helps further in the exercise. It should always be kept in mind of the changes in vibrations, thoughts, feelings and whether an area seems blocked or overloaded; one must be aware, but never to be caught up in them. It should just be observed. If wished, one can make remarks of their observations.

After sending the energy out of the crown chakra, the Kundalini energy (this is what is being directed) should be allowed to mingle with the divine energy above the head (this divine energy is in the environing air at all times). This assortment can be allowed to shower over and penetrate into the body. The body needs to be bathed inside out with these magnificent energies from both polarities- heaven and earth- assisting speed growth and maturation.

After one has accomplished this exercise several times and has become comfortable with it, the sex chakra needs to be added. When calm with that, the root chakra (on the tailbone) needs to be added. However, one does not use the base chakra in this exercise because it may liberate too much energy. When one starts with the higher chakras, one clears a path so that if huge amounts of energy are released in the sexual or root areas there is someplace for it to go; or else, the energy may become stuck and cause behavior and health troubles.

If there is pain or a problem near a chakra, one must leave out that chakra from the exercise until the problem clears the surplus energy may make the position worse.