The Kundalini energy lies, spiraled at the bottom of the spine. Its release may be compared to waves, flames, pulsations or an unwinding. The unwinding portion seeks a channel, generally through the spinal column up to the top of the head and out, which is occasionally referred to as the crown chakra. `Chakra`, a Sanskrit word, meaning `wheel`, refers to the diverse energy vortices on the etheric body.

Sometimes the energy spirals upward around the spine, again ending at the crown chakra. In the normal evolutionary process, a number of layers or waves are independently released during a lifetime, depending upon a person’s maturation and forwardness. The movement of the wave is so unnoticeable that most people are oblivious of the activity, although they may be conscious of some heat (energy movement) in the tailbone area, prior to the release. More susceptible people will feel the energy advancement up the spine. They may suffer pressure or pain as the energy meets a blocked area; pain might also appear when the energy forms are abnormal.

There are several layers of Kundalini, waiting to be liberated. The action is parallel to flaking off the outer edges of an onion. An individual can release a few or many layers during a lifetime. People conversant about the Kundalini force may desire to liberate more, thus accelerating their evolution; in acute cases, liquid fire or extreme heat might be released.

The Kundalini, sometimes called shakti (divine spark of life force), begins its ascent from the bottom of the tailbone, where it is stored. As it ascends up the spinal column and goes out through the top of the head, it merges with the spiritual energy existing in the universe. An energy amalgamation then cascades down over the body and journeys throughout the system, aiding in distilling and sanitizing the cells. If the Kundalini is blocked in its upward flow by inappropriate energy forms or negativity, or by a wrongfully organized or purified body, it might drop after several days and then begin a slow, excruciating climb up the body again, cleaning and distilling as it does. This process can create much destruction and may cause physical, emotional or mental anguish.

A person who liberates a number of layers of energy at once may be in a fantastic state for days or even weeks. Such an individual may possess additional physical prowess, fantastic fresh understandings, feelings of ecstasy or otherworldly consciousness, or a feeling of `really having made it` and accomplishing enlightenment. He or she may even possess a bit of spiritual pride. For most people, however, this state vanishes and the Kundalini begins its purifying process; then the individual marvels why things are now so complicated and where actually did the fantastic `stuff` vanish. The latter is the usual pattern of Kundalini release; it is not an issue of the person `messing up` their development.

When the blocks are ruthless enough, idyllic states do not happen; the energy goes instantly into the purification. Locked-in attitudes or feelings or old disturbing or mental wounds cause energy blockages.

People who have geared up well by taking care of their bodies and enhancing spiritual awareness will achieve Kundalini distillation more swiftly and smoothly; they comprehend benefits almost instantly and the Kundalini rising is a wonderful experience. But if the system is not ready for this controlling force, years may be necessary to conclude the process.

Once liberated, there is absolutely no turning back. It is inconceivable to reverse the process, though it can on occasions be slackened. If a person determines the growth is no longer worthy and tries to hold back this energy, clogging and sickness may ensue, which may, in excessive cases lead to death. One must learn to work with it, or in some cases just survive it, while the heavy purification takes place. The transformation is normally not a miraculous, total overnight procedure; the energy may take as long as twenty or twenty-five years to finish purifying and modification for the psychic or spiritual gifts to open up. When an individual knows how to work with the energy possesses a healthy body, mind and spirit and is ready, change comes about in a much shorter period of time. People in the centre of a vigorous natural Kundalini flow, already using it, take less time to make the new Kundalini accessible for use.

In each incarnation it is essential to learn over again to organize and use the energy. This is one of the primary functions of childhood; children need behavior and attitude supervision to use their energies in the proper channel. Allowing their energies to run rampant causes troubles in daily living and hinders further growth.