Exercising is extremely harmful for the unsupervised release of Kundalini. But with sensible caution and common sense, many people can work alone. As mentioned before, the Aquarian Age is the time when information formerly considered top secret and available for the select few became useable for all. In this new era the preference is, and should be, the individual’s. Once a decision has been taken it is best to go ahead and work for more releasing, one should never be attached to it or dread it. Attachment and fright are forces that work against sound release. It is advised to never dread, but respect the energy.

However, it is advised time and again, that without knowing the former exercises, one should never proceed further with Kundalini release, otherwise one is at risk to invite troubles- minor and major and perhaps traumatic. Releasing more Kundalini is always something of jeopardy.

Kundalini manifests in a different way in each person. One may not observe much change, or one may detect change after just one or two exercises; some people are more prepared compared to others. If one has done a lot of purification, releasing new energy is faster and easier. Those who have been on hard drugs may experience too much release in the beginning and should be extra precautious. Some people are not at first aware of energy movement; this does not mean that there is none. One needs to wait before repeating an exercise until one is sure to have dealt whatever he or she has ejected.

When one is conscious of what the energies feel like, and when one is able to move energies around, one stands a much better chance of commanding further release. Once released, there is no placing the energy back. Released energy may influence one in any of the three ways-

1. it moves up the system, purifying as it goes; 2. it gets stuck in energy blocks for however long it takes to break through; 3. it uses its own energy to turn back on itself; this is very dangerous and creates risk.

One may use the power of Kundalini to hold back the Kundalini itself for a span of time, but such a denseness of energy increases the hazard of bodily harm.

Some exercises may not seem right for an individual. If an exercise does not feel right, it is advised not to do it. Everyone is singular, and what works for one does not necessarily work for another. It should be remembered never to do exercises in a full stomach; one must wait at least one hour after a meal. One must never do exercises when fatigued or just before doing something that involves a lot of engrossment. Having done the exercises, one may be disposed to live over illness; very intense memories of sickness may arise during sanitization. One may also relive old enjoyments and traumas, as they are released from the system. This does not however mean that one will be left with no memory of past experience; it only means the memory is being cleaned, thus liberating another energy obstruction. The memory will stay, but its impact on life will be unimportant; it will merely be a part of the past.

One must have confidence in oneself and in the Divine while releasing. At times, during deep Kundalini sanitizations, one is likely to feel disoriented from self, loved ones, society and God. One must work towards a poised life and attitude during this period. One should never get entangled in the experiences. One can follow, but remaining detached. This is much easier said than done, but one can just give it a try. It can be of immense help if one has someone with whom to share the experience of Kundalini release, particularly so when living over disturbing experiences. Learning to work with new energies is much like a child learning to handle and use the new body he or she has been given. One needs to keep in mind one thing about never to be fatigued with it. One can search for innovative projects such as journaling or art work in order to use one’s fresh energy, so it does not back up on oneself and become congested in the system.