Havan Kund of prescribed form and size are meant to hold sacred fire to which oblations were offered. Their sections represented various geometrical figures such as circle, semi-circle, polygon (triangle, square, etc.) and forms resembling lotus flower and leaf. In order to achieve certain desired objectives Yagyas were performed. There are various forms of Havan Kunds Such as Ardhchandrakar, etc.

There are well established sutras and traditions of drawing geometrical figures involving various forms and shapes based on mathematical practice.

The objectives of Yagya / Havan are for Success, wealth, desire of worldly things, freedom from diseases, while construction of temple or any construction, reducing planetry effect, etc.

The dimensions of Kunds must be constructed accurately otherwise it may give adverse effect i.e. if the area is more than prescribed amount it gives diseases and if the area is less than mentioned it brings poverty.

Kunds of prescribed form and size are meant to hold sacred fire to which oblations are offered. Its sections represent various geometrical figures. To achieve certain desired objectives Yagyas are performed.

Introduction :

Contents at a Glance :

1. Introduction
2. Havan Kunds
3. Words and their meaning
4. Land selection
5. Selection of havan kund
6. Principal and subsdiary parts of yagya
7. Construction of havan kunds
8. Measurements
9. Placenment of havan kunds
10. Provisions regardings number of kunds
11. Type of yaags
12. Shape of kunds and its result
13. Dravya
14. Sthul and sukshma bhujmaan and its calculations
15. Types of kunds and their calculations
16. Khat (pit) and mekhla
17. Khanan mekhla calculations
18. Total mekhla height calculations
19. Nabhi
20. Yoni
21. Kanth
22. Sthandil
23. Organic chemistry and different types of havan kunds
24. Division, snowflakes, havan kund shapes and H2O bonding
25. Soil and mekhlas
26. Washing machine impellers and nabhi
27. Height of fire
28. Chaturstra Kund pictures
29. Equipments needed for construction of havan kunds
30. Various books on havan kunds

Fees, Terms and Conditions :

Kund Construction is 30 days Course.
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If student misses any class we do not provide any backup class.
Student has to wear appropriate clothes to maintain decorum of class.
Student has to submit 2 passport size photograph at the time of batch.
Teacher shall have neither liability nor responsibility to me or any person or entity with respect to any loss or damage caused, or alleged to have been caused, directly or indirectly, during or after the batch.

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