Sound is immensely important in a man’s life. It triggers off energy patterns, liberates blocks and increases the life flow. It also plays an important part in the release of Kundalini and the opening of the chakras. Extended vibrations at a specific frequency creates movement in the energy they touch; as definite sounds can smash a glass, definite vibrations can trigger the flow of energy in areas related to the same frequency.

Mantras :-

The succeeding are Sanskrit words or mantras (thought forms) which associates with the chakras. It is best to reiterate these specific sounds five or ten times while concentrating on the related chakra. Several minutes for each in the beginning is enough. One must either sit in the lotus position or lie down. It is advised to take three breaths before beginning. (It is all right to spend a longer time on some chakras compared to others).

Solar Plexus
Third Eye

As a deviation for the crown chakra, one need to open up to "all sounds" or the hum of the universe. If one desires to envision the seed mantras, the Jain version of the Sanskrit is illustrated below-

This a brilliant exercise for cleansing and stimulating chakras and moving Kundalini. It is strong enough to cause a person to become lethargic or lose interest in completing the exercise; due to that reason, it is suggested that only two chakras, the navel and crown, be used the first time. One can add other chakras, as one`s attention can handle it. Sometimes, the energy itself may pick the chakras it desires to work on; this must be allowed to happen. When it is over, it is advised to disseminate the energy all through the body; one should never leave it concentrated on a single area.

It is best to omit the root chakra until others are triggered; doing the root chakra before the others are open, poses nasty difficulties, as there would be too many blocks and the primary force would go down- not supportive to evolutionary advancement.

It is best to bring the energy up from the lower spine and out the opening of the chakra with which one has opted to start. If the area feels taut or blocked, it is better to massage it gently. One can picturise a red flame burning out all the dross and negativity in the chakra, purifying it for the purer energy flow. There may be varied reasons of sensations, remembrances or thoughts; it is best to just let them come, but not to hang onto or devote much attention to them. It is best to allow the red flame burn them and purify the area. The emotional of mental energies in some of the chakras will seem nearly overwhelming, particularly for any of a sexual, emotional or lower mental mature. However, it should be kept in mind never to let them to take over. One may picturise the red flame purifying them.

After the burning, one might feel the energy begin to rotate in a clockwise manner (if one looks at the body from the outside). It must be allowed to let happen, because the chakra is beginning its circular motion. After it has rotated for a few minutes, it must be allowed to extend out, still rotating, as far as possible. Even if the rotating sensation is not there, one must let the energy expand anyway and extend until it reaches the ecstatic state. One must imagine the breath going through that chakra.

In the beginning, it is better to remain in this ecstatic state, for no longer than five minuets. The energy is very high powered and one`s system is possibly not used to it, mo matter how nice it feels. It must be remembered that if one begins to feel exhausted, drowsy or bored, the energy needs to disseminated throughout the system and then one must quit for this time; however, one must never do this exercise when one has problem to remain interested or awake.

After concluding, the energy needs to be allowed to dissipate into the universe. One must never bring it back into the chakra, it is too authoritative. One can move on to the next chakra later. It is best to start with the lower chakras and move up. At times, it will appear natural to skip some that are normally done and go on to others. In due course, one must perform all that have been illustrated previously. After doing the crown chakra, one must blend some of the energy with spiritual energy and allow it to shower over the body and come into the cells.

When all chakras have been purified and stimulated by the flame and the ecstatic state, one must perform the root chakra. After that, it is needed to be sure to bring the energy back into the spinal column an up and out the crown chakra, mixing it with spiritual energy and allowing it shower over the body and through the cells. No matter how many chakras one performs, it is best to end with the crown chakra; one needs the proportion of the energy force. If one does the lower chakra at last, the energy may get stuck there. Too heavy a concentration of energy in this area may cause physical, mental and emotional troubles.

One may observe after a while that the three chief focal points for energy- the navel, heart and fifth eye chakras- continue to clean themselves. Some may discover that their third eye (between the eyebrows), gets activated instead. When the spontaneous purifying happens, one must never obstruct; it is best to open up to the energies

One may end this exercise by disseminating the energies in the body, or taking them to the crown chakra and amalgamating them with the divine energies, allowing the amalgamation shower over one’s system.