What is the subconscious belief system?

I can do that thing.

No it’s impossible.

I am good at math.

What are these phrases? Are they some kind of opinion? Actually yes, but not just a normal opinion, they are beliefs. Beliefs are solid ideas stored in your subconscious mind. Whether they were really true or not, you will believe in them as long as you hold them in your mind. Beliefs get stronger when more evidence supports them and they become weaker when something appears to be contradicting with them.

How it is formed?

When an idea constantly bypasses your conscious filters straight to your subconscious mind it may turn it into a belief. You may be asking yourself how can an idea bypass my conscious filters.

The following are some examples that will show you how can this happen :

  • When the idea comes from a trusted source: when you were a child, your main trusted source was your parents. If your parents told you that this animal is called a dog you will immediately believe them and since you will find that everyone around supports this idea it will turn into a strong belief. Now what if your parents kept telling you that you were fool or dumb? What will be the result? You will grow up thinking that its true and you may end up feeling inferior without knowing that this was the root cause for your feelings of inferiority. You may be asking yourself now, what will be strengthening this belief? This time it will be you, your subconscious mind will just pick every clue that supports this belief ignoring everything else. For example, if someone rejected you the first thing that you will think of, is that he rejected you because you are dumb.

  • When you are hypnotized: when you become hypnotized your conscious mind filters will be turned off and so these suggestions will directly to your subconscious mind.

  • When the conscious mind gets distracted: when something catches the full attention of your conscious mind you become highly receptive to suggestions. That's the same idea advertiser’s use when they put their commercials in the middle of your favorite T.V series. In this case, your conscious mind will be thinking of what will happen to the hero of the series while at the same time your subconscious mind will be receiving suggestions by the commercial.

The Belief system and your life :

Beliefs are so important to the extent that they could change your life. You may even create a self fulfilling prophecy to support a false belief that you have about yourself. For example suppose you think that you are not good at math. Most probably you won't be motivated to study math because you will be thinking that whatever you do you won't get good grades, and the result will be poor performance in the exam which will in turn reinforce the belief.

That was a simple belief. In some cases, beliefs totally ruin people's lives like when someone thinks that he is a failure or when someone thinks that he is a victim.

The right way to deal with beliefs :

In order to prevent false beliefs from taking control of your life you must constantly challenge those false beliefs. Seek the right clues and don’t just pick the clues your subconscious mind wants. Keep asking yourself questions like; is it true that I am dumb? Do I have a 100% clear clue that supports it or is it just my imagination?

The more you ask yourself these types of questions the more you will be challenging the false belief and the more it will weaken.