Your subconscious mind is responsible for many of the emotions that you experience; starting with anxiety feelings you might experience before a presentation and ending with inferiority feelings when compared to your peers. It is also responsible for involuntary actions like reflex actions, fights or flight response, and even the movement of your hand muscles while writing; that’s why your hand writing can reveal some of your personality traits and hidden emotions. Your subconscious mind is awake 24/7, unlike your conscious mind, and that's why dreams may reflect suppressed emotions; while sleeping, the conscious mind is dormant while the subconscious is active.

Trying to get through to your subconscious mind using logic may not work; think about this point when you experience emotions like those of anxiety before giving a speech, if you try to convince yourself that you are safe and that there is no need for any fight and flight responses then the situation will stay the same and nothing will change. Using logic, your feelings will stay the same; you might even get more anxious as the time of the presentation approaches.

On dealing with the emotions that the subconscious mind generates, the best way is to dig deep to the root cause of the problem instead of just focusing on the current parameters. If you, for example, suffer from feelings of inferiority, don’t just try to convince yourself out of those feelings; dive back into your childhood till you get to the root causes of these feelings that are automatically triggered by your subconscious the minute you meet your peers.