Para means something which is not normal thus it is called paranormal. Activities such as haunting, possessions, black magic, etc comes under paranormal.

ROOTSHUNT is a team of trained professionals who have gone through extensive training of scientific paranormal investigation. Every paranormal phenomena is not real and there is a scientific reason behind it.

Majority of the activities are due to imaginations, false perception, scientific and natural reasons, various issues, etc. We not only solve paranormal activity but also help client to deal with such situations.

Cases We Investigate :

1. Parapsychology / Demonic Haunting
2. Black Magic
3. Ghosts / Spirits / Hauntings
4. Possessions
5. Spiritual Counseling
6. Paranormal Counseling

Cases We Don't Investigate :

1. Clients undergoing psychological treatment
2. Schizophrenia / Multiple personality Disorder
3. Bi-polar syndrome / Obsessive Complex Disorders
4. Down syndrome / Severe Depression
5. Domestic violence / Child abuse / sexual abuse
6. Criminal intention / Intention for publicity
7. Mental sickness/ Suicidal attempts
8. Indirect cases
9. Property defamation / Evil intention for a property

Our Process :

When an individual contacts us for help, we conduct an initial telephone interview about the events.

After determining that further investigation is needed, we will then conduct an on site investigation. Next, we examine our data, do further research if necessary and then meet with or call the client to discuss our findings.

We respect our clients privacy and maintain confidentiality unless permitted otherwise.We not only help the client to understand what is happening, but also help them to feel comforted and understood.

Our Tools :

We use many different tools to find answers such as PIR, EMF Reader, Digital Recorders, Digital Cameras, etc.

We also use subjective tools such as intuitive and psychic feedback, dowsing rods, pendulums, etc.

Reputation and Credibility :

Our greatest asset is our reputation and credibility as professional researchers and investigators. Therefore, we always strive to maintain and uphold our good reputation in everything we do. We always use good judgment when making decisions during investigations.

For further information / appointment you can contact our case manager on 0091 - 98792 58523 or email us at