Pendulum Dowsing :-

A pendulum can be made of crystal or metal hanging object suspended on a piece thread or chain. Pendulum should be of substantial weight hanging straight.

Pendulums are primarily used for dowsing. It is used to find the answers to a question which is helpful in decision making.

A person can ask the pendulum directly through a series of specific questions to pendulum. For that first a person needs to hold the pendulum suspended by the chain or thread and then ask the pendulum “Please show me my yes direction” the pendulum should start to swing back and forth or move in a clockwise or anticlockwise rotation.

Note which way the pendulum moves and then ask your pendulum to “show you direction for no” and the pendulum should move in different direction. Once you have come to know your “yes” and “no” you can start asking questions. If the pendulum either does not move or gives the wrong answers to the questions you know, don’t use it as the pendulum is not the right one for you.