The physical body is a living machine through which the higher bodies express themselves. In blocking off the physical body, one also blocks the expressions of the higher self. One can feel or think a good deal, but if one denies physical reflection or action, one may become perturbed and are subjected to further troubles. Problems which manifest in the physical body as aches, pains, or sickness are basically the consequence of blocks, hindering the expression of higher bodies.

The physical body is composed of cells discernible by their own individuality. One must not keep these cells under a conscious control or commanding control, but a loving one. If one looks at the physical body as a universe unto itself, each human being is `god` of their own universe. The physical body possesses two parts- the dense and the etheric; the etheric is very intimately associated with the nervous system.

Cleansing the Physical :-

One can use Kundalini on the physical level to attain a healthier body. The modus operandi of directing Kundalini having been learned, energy may be sent to diverse areas of the body for rebuilding, curing and strengthening. Working with it, one develops a sense of how much to send to each area and how it works best.

Letting the Kundalini flow tenderly into the area in need of healing- changing it to the quality of liquid silk- is very comforting, the frequency of the energy changes to one more beneficial to general healing. One can bathe a singular area in this energy. Next, he or she can disseminate the energy throughout the whole body. Several sessions a week can increase circulation, helps in releasing blockages and generally helps in sustaining a youthful body.

Faced with a need for bigger than normal physical exertion fills the body with the power of Kundalini; one needs to breathe it throughout the whole body, and then let it flow through and then perform the task.

When physically affected by the several hurts and pains, stemming from raised Kundalini effect, encourages release with deep, peaceful breathing, followed by massage in the affected area; one needs to allow thoughts and feelings to come to their consciousness. Such an open meditation can be most helpful. If one cannot, for some reason, he or she should massage the affected area (perhaps it is too painful), focus the attention on that area instead; one should concentrate their energy there and go into the discomfort. Often the aches and pains leave in a short while and one develops a memory or consciousness of what has happened.

The Ultimate :-

The physical body, purified and refined by the Kundalini, will seem youthful and be pretty energetic. It will hardly ever be ill (or illness will occur for a short span of time), possess immense power, and be competent of clairvoyant achievements.