It is probable to accomplish several lifetimes of growth during one life by safely liberating, absorbing and using more Kundalini. Proper release however requires time, endurance and determination.

Once release starts, there is no turning back. It will continue on its own. Kundalini release is a progression with its own intellect and goal, amalgamating with the sacred at the crown chakra- the dance of shakti and shiva.

The more organized one’s system is, the easier the release and faster the energies are incorporated to amplify all levels of capability. Many people feel called to enter into this life but not all have competent teachers to steer them. Many people work with Kundalini with only a vague familiarity of it. Most of the references are Eastern- they are not always simply understood and are aimed for those who have devoted their lives to spiritual growth. In the West one normally does not have the time (if it were even possible) to separate themselves from life and focus on staying in the world and bringing the unearthly into it.

Many have been brought in into chakra work without introduction to the nadis, glands and the entire system. If chakra work is all one does, it is like hopelessly centering on the wheels of a vehicle. It maybe important, but one should also think about the rest of it.

Caring for the physical body before, during and after Kundalini raising is very crucial; it is the living machine through which one verbalizes and accepts. One attains elevated states of evolution only as the body tolerates; when the body refuses, one feels encased or trapped in it. Instead of getting away from the body, it is necessary to learn to bring it along. A metamorphosed body feels great confidence, self-determination and joy.