Kunjika and Power PH agnihotra ash has been made through a rigorous process under strict rules. Both of these produts have a unique quality followed by the healing power of vedic mantras.

Through intense study in the field of ayurved, vedas, agnihotra and its concepts along with scientific validation and medical study we have been able to produce agnihotra ash (bhasma) which is helpful in treatment of various diseases.

We personally select the best herbs and have a team of qualified Bhramins who are master in all the four vedas and perform agnihotra under strict rules and regulations.

Making agnihotra ash (bhasma) through vedic process has never been easy but we try our best to follow the principles of vedas and prepare on the best agnihotra ash for our clients.

Personally even for us making agnihotra ash has been an enlightening and spiritual experience. We wish that our product helps you in healing of body, mind and soul.