USD : 15.34          INR : 1000
Product Code : PND-14
Green Onyx Pendant
Front and Back side photo
Product Length : 1.5 W. X 2.3 H. cms approx.

Description :

Green onyx meaning are physical healing, abundance. fertility, growth, young, material success, renewal, endurance, balance, dependence and friendship. Can be used for relaxation, neutralize the eye, winning the mind, stimulates creativity.

Besides beneficial to give metaphysical effects on the wearer, green onyx meaning is also beneficial in terms of healing physical and emotional problems. To help people cope with their physical problems, the green onyx deals with physical impairments such as nervous breakdown, leucoderma, impotence, abdomen-related diseases, treating eyes, nose, and nervous system, maintain the blood pressure, and treating skin disease.

Green onyx meaning is also good to help people improve their public speaking ability. It encourages you to speak your thoughts and feelings, and improve your creativity. Because the stone is related to the heart chakra, it also represents the unconditional love, acceptance, and compassion. This particular stone is an excellent tool to bridge your lower three chakras and upper three chakra.