Color :-


Element :-


Appearance :-

Like a Lotus with four petals

Position :-

Lower-most chakra, it is positioned one inch inside between the sexual organ and anus.

Functions on Physical Level :

Prantatva is isolated from the food and drinks we consume. It gives energy to our body. But what about remaining waste or say toxins?.

It is the main function of the Root Chakra to throw this waste out of our body on Physical level. When Root Chakra is not working efficiently ( Imbalance ) it causes constipation, diarrhea& vomiting.

Functions at Mental Level :

Efficient (Balanced) :-

Qualities observed like Abundance, Security, Stability, Delightfulness, Freshness, Healthy or Rhythm in life ( Activeness ).

Inefficient (Imbalance) :-

Opposite to above said qualities like Scarcity, Insecurity, Instability, Dullness, etc.