Following are the benefits of Sanskrut :

Since Sanskrut is the oldest language of our planet, your ability to speak it amounts to a unique experience (and perhaps your special status).
Clear in speech, perfect in pronunciation, articulate in conversation, sharp in memory, rapid in thinking, logical in analysis, rational in understanding, accurate in expression and communication, familiarity with a wide variety of concepts, liberal in views and polite in behavior as well as a quick grasping of other languages and scripts also - are some of the benefits attached to and traditionally proverbial attributed to a Sanskrut scholar.
Sanskrut is the world language. Its knowledge helps in studying :

A. European things of the past as a lot of technical terms are similar between Sanskrut, Latin, Greek, Hittite etc. in many technical fields like medicine, law, physics, chemistry, mathematics, astronomy, philosophy and many more.

B . The languages, religion and cultures of the Middle east like Persian, Iranian and Arabic which owe a lot of similarity. c. Indian things whether religions, philosophy, arts, science (like Ayurveda, Vedic mathematics, Vastu, Tantra, Kriyayoga and other specializations) which are all the popular subjects in today’s world.

A glimpse of ancient world religions, languages, customs, traditions, culture can be easy to get through the glass of Vedic and Sanskrut literature.
In this modern age of computers, Sanskrut has one more thing to offer, - adoption of the already computerized contents or the Sutras in many of its technical subjects like Panini's Ashtadhyayi - the text book of grammar. Since both Sanskrut and the computer are having fewer irregularities, if not perfect, their combination should work marvelously for the benefit of mankind.
By knowing Sanskrut, you have an access to the most ancient, profound, rich and extensive literature of Sanskrut which strengthens your contacts / association/ understanding of a life style associated with that language. In short, Sanskrut is the container of all that which is Indian subcontinent. In other words, understanding and appreciation of numerous Indian things whether music, dance, arts, rituals, tradition, religions, values, languages, science etc. will be easy for one who knows Sanskrut. The integrity of the Indian elements owe essentially to the Sanskrut language and literature which has the universal impact upon them.
You have now access to the most systematized oriental language.
You are now in touch with a language which is very natural (euphonic / built on sound factor), rationally developed, systematic in its structure and versatile in its usage even while retaining its purity and uniformity (without any regional vernaculars).
Sanskrut being the mother of all Indian languages and a sister of all the European languages, with its knowledge you are capable of learning most of the current world languages easily.
Owing to the spiritual contents predominant in its literature, the knowledge of Sanskrut adds many important dimensions to our personality.
11. “Sanskrut is the most convenient language for computer software programming.” - Forbes magazine(July, 1987)
“The most useful language for medication i.e. persons by talking Sanskrut will be healthy and free from disease like blood pressure, diabetics, cholesterol etc.. as talking in Sanskrut makes activate the nervous system of the human body so that the person’s body gets activated with positive charges” - American Hindu University
The language which contains most advanced technology in it in their books called Vedas, Upanishads, Shruti, Smruti, Puranas, Mahabhaarath, Ramayana etc... - Russian State University
Mother of all languages of the world - all the languages (97%) have been directly or indirectly influenced by this language. –UNO
The script used is known as devanagari or the "city of the gods." The phonetic accuracy of devanagari compares well with that of the modern phonetic transcriptions.