Shathpath Brahman :-

Rishi Yagnavalkya was the founder of Shukla Yajur Ved who was given the knowledge of Yajurved by Lord Surya. Shukla Yajurved originally had 15 Sakhas out of which only two sakhas or branches called Madyandina and Kanva exist at present. Madyandina sakha is more prevalent in North India where as Kanva Sakha is found mostly in South India. Details of all the 15 Shakhas can be found in the book Charana Vuyha Tantram.

In both the Madyandina and Kanva sakhas the Brahman is known as Shathpath Brahman. Shathpath literally means hundred paths. Satha does not exactly mean 100 it can be even greater then 100 or then that. The Shatapatha Brahmins describe the Vedic ritual according to the Shukla Yajurved.