Perhaps the most important secret of all to having a full Kundalini awakening is your depth of commitment to your spiritual path. This means how devoted are you to finding God within everything and everyone you meet. Especially in those who cause you the most suffering, you are practicing great compassion. Then you are devoted to Spirit all day long, you will naturally awaken the most amazing power in the Universe The Kundalini.

Another secret is begin your journey towards awakening your Kundalini is to look at what you are running from and running towards in your life to give you happiness. Stop running. Stop completely and turn your attention to the God-Source within. This is the only place you will discover the Kundalini.

An awakened Kundalini contains the most expanded states of energy, cosmic thinking and blissful being imaginable. You'll experience an unlimited comprehension of Reality, a taste of what enlightenment is like, and feelings of absolute ecstasy. Not to mention that you've just befriended the greatest healing energy available inside you and extremely contagious to all human beings. Now this is something to really get excited about.

The secret to awaken your kundalini depends on opening of your chakras and receptive you are to complete spiritual transformation. When your chakras are open and aligned with source the power starts to flow naturally.