Color :-


Element :-


Appearance :-

Like a Lotus with ten petals

Position :-

On belly above navel

Functions on Physical Level :

Efficient (Balanced) :-

It is called Power House of our body. Whatever we eat or drink digests here. Pran Shakti is diverted from it and circulates to each and every vein, organ, spinal cord and brain and in turn gives energy to our body.

Inefficient (Imbalanced) :-

Asthma, Deficiency in bone, Sciatica, Piles and Skin diseases.

Functions at Mental Level :

Efficient (Balanced) :-

Creation of intentions, Success in any mission and planning. Everything depends on the efficiency of this Chakra going to the Solar Plexus. Firmness and success, Determination, Strong mind i.e., Control over mind, Noble heart, Sympathetic to others, Donor and always ready to offer service to the society. Qualities are Intelligent, Outstanding personality and Daring.

Inefficient (Imbalance) :-

Totally opposite personality from the above said qualities. Nature wise irritative, Greedy, Jealous, Unforgiving, Repenting, Hatred minded & some sort of complex.