Shri Shankaracharya reversed the ill effects on the Vedic religion. It is because of his righteous conduct and his achievements in holy texts that the Vedic religion reached new heights and the divine writings of the Upanishads once again became spreaded. It is because of his divine mission that Shankaracharya came to be known as the Jagat guru (Guru of the universe).

Shankaracharya lived for only thirty two years but his achievements were unparalleled. He taught every one that the Brahman, the Supreme and man are of one essence and that all people should strive to cultivate this vision of oneness. He established four spiritual centers in the four corners of the country, thus upholding the underlying unity of the holy land of Bharat.

The life of Sri Shankaracharya reveals the very heart of Indian culture. It may be said that Sri Shankaracharyas took birth for India's spiritual longing for changes of its all round suffering.

It is the opinion of scholars that he belonged to the period between 788 and 820 A.D.