There are two ways by which Nada work as a form of healing :

By creating the right sound and repairing the wounded Nada in our body for e.g. through mantra chanting. Intense sound or silence which comes from the Anahanta Dhvani, heals the body-mind system and awakens our consciousness. All Vedic mantras are considered Nada Brahman. The mantra is like a candle in a dark room, it is like an immunizing injection for the karmic diseases.
By taking one’s disturbed Nada structure to an enlightened being who’s Anahata Dhvani (i.e. realised masters) is continuously happening. In the very silence of a master, the person’s wounded Nada structure gets healed, re-aligned and re-structured. If it happens through the right sounds, only physical healing happens. But if the wounded Nada structure is brought to a realized master who’s Anahata Dhvani is radiating, not only one’s whole body goes through a complete change, even the brain and cognition gets a complete re-wiring and consciousness gets awakened. That is why a master’s presence – the intense soundless sound (silence) is considered as the healing method for all possible diseases. All diseases are healed just by the vibrant silence of a living enlightened master.

It is time humanity revives this technology of sound once again on planet earth instead of being dependent on the light particles technology. Science based on light particles is always going to be gross because it demands resources from the mother earth. On the other hand, sound-based science is always subtle, not only we will not be hurting the planet earth, we will also realize that it is an inexhaustible resource. The ancient Vedic healing science of sound should be re-discovered, transmitted and made available to humanity once again.