Each chakra has a number of incoming nadis channels that are responsible for receiving and transmitting (input/output) electromagnetic energy from that chakra or energy centre. Each chakra simply consists of a bundle of nadis channels that link together and work as one node. As a result of their electromagnetic nature, that node or energy centre creates a rotating vortex, which is projected outwards on both sides of the body (front and rear).

Every person has a unique frequency configuration known as your energy signature. As previously stated, each chakra has a specific frequency, so when one or more chakras are imbalanced or blocked, those chakras influence the overall frequency pattern within the chakra system. When all seven (7) primary chakras return to normal state (active & balanced), they interconnect and work as a single, unified pole or complete circuit. This is known as Kundalini. Therefore, the health and status of the primary chakras determines your overall frequency pattern, commonly known as your energy signature.

The seven primary chakras can be simply divided into two sections – a south pole and a north pole, for example the base, sacral plexus & solar plexus are located on the south pole, because they have the lowest frequencies. The north pole are the upper chakras, which commence at the heart chakra and ascend to the crown chakra. See table on the right.

Because each chakra is a rotating vortex, they function like a magnet; they attract and pull energy to themselves. In regards to the south pole, the base chakra (red) by default will always attract any energy that “attacks” the chakra system. It will be the first chakra to immediately respond and the first chakra that will become unbalanced, because the base chakra relates to survival. As a result, this energy instantly blocks the nadis channels, hence the rotation of the chakra slows down or stops, which impacts the connection to the above chakras causing a frequency decrease along the entire chakra circuit. Remember: blockages in the lower chakras cause a low frequency.

The flow of Ka energy from the south pole to the north pole is known as “Kundalini.” The Ka energy released from your base chakra strengthens the upper chakras. When the lower chakras cannot deliver the Ka energy or higher voltage to the above chakras, the entire chakra system will suffer. At this point, the biological body will manifest any energy imbalance, for example aches & pains, alignments, etc. Once the base chakra is healed and balanced, the flow of Ka energy or kundalini rises and the red ray merges into the orange ray. The sacral plexus or navel chakra will integrate both frequencies. After the solar plexus chakra has been healed, the red, orange, and yellow frequencies combine and integrate to create a single south pole circuit. When the kundalini raises and finally enters the heart chakra, the south pole circuit connects to the higher chakras.

When you bring all seven primary chakras into alignment, the frequency circuits between each chakra interconnects and works together as a team or as one complete circuit. A Kundalini current with a high frequency means Ka energy is naturally flowing along the entire circuit without any frequency distortions. Therefore, the number of active and balanced chakras determines the overall frequency pattern (the frequency of the Kundalini current), which is commonly known as the energy signature for your ethereal body.