Here is a summary of the human chakra system :

There are seven primary chakras and five external chakras in the human body
Each chakra acts as an transponder (input/output)
Each chakra has their own unique frequency
The health of each chakra (the strength or amount of Ka energy that naturally flows through the    chakra) and the number of balanced chakras determines the overall frequency or energy signature in the ethereal body
All chakras are interconnected and work together as one system
When all primary chakras are balanced, Ka energy can freely flow from the south pole to the north pole
Chakras act as conductors of energy. Each chakra acts as a central processing unit – the Ka it modulates energy it receives and then transfers the new packet of energy to the next chakra
The first chakra that receives any energy is always the base chakra, which has the lowest frequency
Chakras radiate energy outwards in all directions as a vortex, but the strength of the vortex on the depends health of the chakra (blockages)
A blocked chakra means it cannot function normally, because unwanted frequency (negative energy) has impeded its properties (rotation)
An unbalanced chakra means it’s operating too fast (over active) or too slow (under active)
A weak chakra indicates that it has a structural defect, because it has been blocked or has been under active for a long period of time
When the base chakra is closed, blocked or unbalanced, the other primary chakras will slow down or    stop spinning and the chakra system becomes dysfunctional, thus reducing the overall frequency signature
When the physical body is exposed to stress, distress or depression, the base chakra will be the first to react, which causes the imbalance
Chakra healing the removal of unwanted frequency and restore the flow of energy to that chakra
A balanced chakra means restoring the chakra to its correct frequency, which is done by increasing or decreasing the frequency, which returns the chakra to its normal operational state

Now, lets discuss energy transference. There is a direct energetic relationship between “Consciousness” (You) and “Matter” (ethereal body). Consciousness and matter are both forms of frequency. How we think and feel generates electrical impulses, which travel from the brain down to the spine. The frequency nature of that electrical energy changes the electromagnetic nature of the chakras, which influences the overall frequency of your ethereal body. Consciousness is YOU – it is your thoughts, emotions, intelligence, beliefs, and attitudes. Since consciousness originates as brain wave energy and the ethereal body is energy, both forms of vibrational frequency are interconnected. This frequency can be positive or negative.

Chakra blockages are directly caused from the exchange of energy transmitted by your consciousness (conscious energy). This is called “energy transference,” which refers to the exchange or transfer of conscious energy (your thoughts, emotions, etc) between the biological body and the ethereal body.

Transference is simply the manipulation of your ethereal body from conscious energy (yours & other people) and from within your reality. The vibrational frequency of conscious energy corresponds to the frequency of the lower chakras. Energy transference means that there is a direct energetic relationship between the frequency of your consciousness and the frequency of your ethereal body. When you understand this energetic relationship, you can take steps to change your conscious energy (thoughts, beliefs, etc), which automatically changes the frequency of your ethereal body. In other words, your mind and body are interconnected. Energy transference is the principle behind chakra healing.

Here are some examples of energy transference :

• From your own mind or conscious energy (thoughts, emotions, attitude, feelings, behaviour, etc)

• From another persons conscious energy such as their emotions, words, actions and behaviour

• From cultural transference (unconscious energy) eg: belief systems, physical attachments, media,    etc

Your conscious energy is simply brain wave energy. Your emotions and thoughts are polarised – they have either a negative or a positive vibration. “Negative transference” means that negative thoughts and emotions will instantly be pulled into the south pole, whilst “Positive transference” means positive thoughts such as love and compassion will transmute or remove negative energy from the south pole. This duality is the basis for understanding how energy can heal your chakras. Negative transference is inharmonious “thoughts,” which creates an imbalance in the functioning of the lower chakras. Positive transference refers to conscious energy that is positive in nature, which removes the negative distortions in the chakras, to restore the frequency to those chakras. When you manifest negative thoughts and emotions, this energy is transported down the spine to the south pole of the chakra system, which directly filters into the base chakra and this energy instantly changes the frequency of the base chakra. Your personality, lifestyle habits, thoughts, and beliefs are vibrational in nature, and because chakras have their own unique frequency, this energetically means your consciousness currently determines the overall frequency of your ethereal body. For example, a person whose character can be described as highly emotional means that they have a over active or dominant sacral plexus (orange) chakra, because their character continually feeds that chakra with negatively charged emotional energy. As a result, the physical body will express where that frequency is mostly active and their physical health is a direct manifestation of the status of those lower chakras.

Negative transference means you unconsciously filter negative energy into the south pole and that is expressed outwardly in your physical health, behaviour, and emotional state, creating a negative feedback loop. This conscious energy keeps feeding the south pole to remain working in constant negative polarity. Conscious awareness of your thoughts and emotions can speed up the process to resolve the imbalance. The above diagram shows the different brain wave frequencies that are energetically linked to the primary chakras. When a person thinks and behaves from their heart centre, they are consciously transferring the higher frequency (Hz) into the chakra system.

A high-energy signature means blockages in the lower chakras dissolve, because the lower vibrational energy is not compatible with the higher frequency energy flowing through the chakras. Therefore, to achieve a higher frequency, your energy signature is dependent on the progressive activation of each of the seven primary chakras. You can take simple yet powerful steps to change your frequency by thinking positively. To ascend, you need to learn how to master your conscious energy and avoid negative transference. Positive transference can drastically alter your frequency. Your energy signature will spiral to higher frequency when you expand your consciousness by thinking and acting positively (love and compassion).

Consider the following example :

Jack and Jill have a major verbal disagreement. Jill walks off and naturally becomes very upset and distraught. Her body begins to shake; she starts crying and generally, she feels very distressed over the whole incident. Because of Jill’s emotional state, anxiety, and stress, her mind instantly transmits an electrical signal through the whole central nervous system. Her endocrine glands react and other biological changes take place. This emotional energy travels down the central nervous system to the base of the spine. At this point, this energy is transferred through the nadis channels into the chakra system. This negative energy now enters the first energy centre - the base chakra (located at the base of the spine). The base chakra instantly responds. Depending on the state of Jill’s base chakra, this emotional energy changes the frequency of the base chakra. We understand that any frequency imbalance refers to a decrease in the quality of energy flowing through the chakra.

As soon as Jill’s base chakra becomes distorted, the upward flow of energy to the next chakra is directly impacted, and so on. Within a short period, the entire chakra system is influenced from this imbalance. Using the table below, lets begin at the base chakra and move upwards, to observe how this blockage will influence Jill’s physical body:

The energy blockage in the base chakra is the main problem. To heal this chakra, the negative emotional energy must be replaced with positive energy. Of course, had Jack apologised for his actions, his conscious energy or positive transference (forgiveness) would instantly help Jill’s chakra system heal and naturally return to normal state. Likewise, negative transference can also create karmic cords (this will be explained later). In regards to Jill, she must take conscious steps to heal the negative transference from her body. You can visualise this negative energy as black sticky syrup, which impedes the nadis channels and prevents the chakras from rotating. Chakra healing simply involves the removal of negative energy, by modulating “dark” energy into “light” (negative into positive frequency). For many people, damaged chakras and permanent blockages are caused from childhood traumas, cultural conditioning, bad habits, and lifestyle choices and from physical and emotional injuries.

The key to healing the biological body is the ethereal body. All illnesses and diseases is simply an incorrect frequency operating at a specific location in the ethereal body. This is why physical illnesses are a projection of one’s own psychological thinking, behaviour, and ego. Once you recognise that you are unconsciously projecting negative energy into your ethereal body, you can repolarise your mental thoughts into a positive state of mind, and this will automatically change the frequency or energy signature within the ethereal body. This is the key to understanding energy transference – once you control your thoughts, ego and mind, and begin to think positively, you literally pump up that polarised energy out of the central nervous system into the ethereal body, which raises the frequency of the energy signature. Remember this basic rule for ascension, when you expand your consciousness (shift your conscious energy from negative to positive), you expand the frequency of your energy signature.