To heal the energetic imbalances in the sacral plexus (orange) chakra, you will be required to heal or release old emotional baggage including resentments, unfinished business and old grudges you are still holding onto against other people. Remember, the sacral plexus relates to “emotional attachments and relationships.” This healing process is called “Emotional Clearing” and the most common approach is known as “Karmic Cord Cutting.” The ascension program contains the instructions for conducting this activity.

A karmic cord is your emotional energy connected to a person, place, thing, or traumatic event, which was created from something you emotional experienced at some point during your life. For example, a cord is created when you have a personal conflict with a person. In this case, this negative cord represents both your “memory” and the “emotional experience” (pain, anger, guilt, fear, resentment, etc) that was created in your mind from that incident. Since the sacral plexus relates to emotions, this chakra is an energetic storehouse of negative emotions you are holding onto. A karmic cord is a mental connection that keeps the emotional attachment (incident/situation) alive. Most cords are positive and stem from happy memories, but negative cords are created from experiencing a hurtful or harmful situation. A cord is simply conscious energy that resides within the ethereal body. For example, each time you verbally abuse someone, an ethereal cord is automatically created. That conscious energy consists of very heavy and dense emotions, which is sent from your mind down the spine to your sacral plexus. You have now created a permanent emotional attachment to a person, event, or issue, which remains energetically connected to your ethereal body.

“Karma” is an energetic attachment between you and another person that has not yet been emotionally healed, which may have been carried over from a previous lifetime into this incarnation. That incident has been repeated in this lifetime, until you consciously heal that energy and release that cord. Karma is not about punishment; it is about healing your actions. It is important to release bad memories and emotional pain, guilt, resentment and anger that you are holding onto. To lift your vibrational frequency, you must clearout the energy of guilt & harm that you have caused to others. The quality needed to release karmic cords requires positive energy. Forgiveness heals karma. Forgiveness means removing resentment, you placed on others. You must forgive the people you have “hurt/harmed/abused physically and verbally” and forgive people that have done the same to you during this lifetime. They are the people who you had major disagreements, arguments, physical and emotional abuse or conflicts, such as siblings, friends, ex-partners, work colleagues, family members etc.

Negative energy can only be dissolved or transmuted by positive energy. Forgiveness is the purest form of unconditional love. You will need to stop taking ownership of that bad memory and let it go! It does not matter that your choices or actions (or theirs) were right or wrong. You must demonstrate forgiveness. All these people came into your life for an incarnational reason. They volunteered to assist you at some point in your life. You need to acknowledge those individuals for their spiritual service, regardless of the outcome. When you undertake the ascension program, karmic cord cutting does not require you to literally contact those people, rather it uses a visualisation exercise to energetically release the emotional attachment to that person. Your failure to clear out karma from your ethereal body will keep your energy signature low. This is why you must confront your bad memories and detach the emotional energy from those negative experiences. Your suffering means you believe your actions did not create the problem. Personal ascension requires to you to be brave, to step up and demonstrate your divinity by using karmic cord cutting to forgive yourself and others.

Karmic cord cutting technique is a powerful tool for letting go of pain, guilt, and hurt from any type of relationship. Since the release of energy is directly related to past memories and emotional pain, you can expect to experience a range of emotions such crying, laughing, a burst of anger, joy, etc. This part of the ascension program will be difficult. It will be painful, because your emotions and ego will resist. Lastly, karmic cords do have different properties. The number and thickness depends on the number of incidents and the degree of emotional pain that you experienced with a particular person. The rule for cord cutting requires you to mentally release three issues or ethereal strands at a time, wait a couple of days for your ethereal body to heal and rebalance, and then you can begin the next set of cord cutting.