There is a direct energetic relationship between “consciousness and matter.” How does this work? Your thoughts, intelligence, beliefs, behaviour, and emotions are collectively known as your consciousness (YOU). Your consciousness is energy that feeds directly into the chakra system. Therefore, your energy signature and status of your chakras is a direct result of your consciousness. For most of humanity, their 3D consciousness is not compatible with the higher frequency (you are not yet thinking & acting 4th dimensionally).

The most important principle that underpins personal ascension involves “expanding your consciousness,” which means once you have consciously decided to release yourself from the 3rd dimension, you will take steps to modify your life and change your thought structure from the old “duality & ego” based thinking to “unity consciousness.” Right now, your thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and emotions make up your consciousness are aligned to the frequency of the 3rd dimension. You are still thinking and doing things that are 3D in nature. When you shift your consciousness, you literally increase your ethereal frequency. Therefore, “expanding your consciousness” is simply repolarising your conscious energy to produce a positive / high frequency.

Consider the following examples :

a) When you find ways to demonstrate compassion, you have expanded your consciousness, because that one step is something you have never done before – you are doing something that is aligned to new Earth. When you consciously decide to move away from your old and “regular habits”, those new ways of thinking and doing things generate a new and higher frequency and b) When you make changes to your home environment and stop worrying about your material things and personal possessions, you have expanded your consciousness. On new Earth, you understand everyone will be entitled to the same luxuries. That one step creates new conscious energy, because you understand and have embraced unity consciousness.

Each step means you are shifting away from your old 3D thoughts & beliefs towards the principles of new Earth. Each step removes an energy blockage from your chakras. Each step increases your ethereal frequency. Personal ascension is simply the expansion of your consciousness. This means changing your thoughts, attitudes, & beliefs and removing other blockages from your 3D reality to generate a higher frequency. The ascension program is designed to use strategies, which will help you shift or expand your way of thinking away from your 3D mindset, but those strategies are actually healing your lower chakras. For example, when you decide to undertake karmic cord cutting, you understand that you are taking steps to remove the energy blockages from the sacral plexus chakra.

Therefore, the very act of consciously deciding to carry out this task means you “understand and are totally self aware” that you must complete this activity to lift your frequency. As a result, you have now “expanded your consciousness.” Your intent to shift to new Earth means you become more conscious of your energy signature, and become more dedicated to do whatever is necessary to remove those blockages. Hence, the term “Ascension” (progress/move upwards) because every step you consciously undertake raises your energy signature.

That is why expanding your consciousness is critical to ascension, because your 3D consciousness is currently out of alignment with the 4th dimensional frequency. Therefore, you must firstly set your conscious intent to manifest your new energy signature and then take full control of your consciousness during the ascension program.

Remember, your new frequency must be aligned to the heart chakra and to manifest your new 4D/5D consciousness, you must be willing to accept the principles of unity consciousness.

In regards to consciousness, the most important concepts to remember are :

Your body contains your consciousness (this is YOU - thoughts, intelligence, emotions, memories etc)
Your energy signature is the result of your consciousness
The frequency of your consciousness is aligned to the frequency of this dimension or time/space reality
Shifiting the frequency of your consciousness alters the version of reality you can consciously experience
To shift the frequency of your consciousness, you must change your existing attitude & change your perception about what human experience you want and then take steps to make it happen
Only you are responsible for changing the frequency of your consciousness