In regards to personal ascension, your primary goal involves :

1. healing and balancing the lower chakras,

2. aligning the chakras,

3. the activation and balancing of the upper chakras, and lastly

4. strengthening the auric field.

After steps are taken to heal and balance the lower chakras, you increase the kundalini current. A stronger kundalini current means a higher ethereal frequency. This frequency expansion starts the process of altering the biological body. Presently, the number of activated chakras determines the overall frequency of your energy signature.

This frequency configuration can be classified as either a positive polarity or negative polarity :

Negative polarity :

It means the south-pole or the three lower chakras are not aligned (overactive & unbalanced). These people would have a “moderate to low” energy signature, because their consciousness is heavily focused on feeding the two “plexus” chakras and those chakra defects include ego/self-interests, no remorse for one’s actions, unloving attitudes and a lack of compassion towards others. These individuals are called “Darkworkers.”

Positive polarity :

It means the north-pole or upper chakras are aligned. These people would have a “high to very high” energy signature, because their consciousness is focused on “seeing love in all things” and they would demonstrate their green ray frequency through their actions & words. These individuals are called “Lightworkers.” They will easily ascend to new Earth.

In regards to ascension, Lady Gaia is shifting into the green band of the universal spectra. The frequency of the 4th dimension corresponds directly to the frequency of your heart chakra. For an individual to ascend to new Earth, they need to demonstrate the qualities of unconditional love and compassion (4D Law: Service to Others). The heart chakra is a frequency bridge to the higher chakras, because they have the higher frequencies. That is the reason why the personal ascension program has been designed to firstly heal the lower chakras before opening the heart chakra. You cannot bypass the heart chakra to open the higher chakras. When you achieve a higher frequency, you begin to have a deeper emotional understanding of oneself and others. For the majority of humanity, they function at the negative polarity level or “Service to Self” mode. For many, the red/orange/yellow/blue chakras and not the heart chakra are the most active and dominant energy centres. Anger and hatred, irrational behaviour, unloving attitudes, unable to give/receive love, judging others, critical of others and intolerance to opposing viewpoints are all classic signs of heart chakra defects, which is easily observed in humanity’s low energy signature.

Ascension means we are moving from “Service to Self” to “Service to Others.” The activation of your green ray certifies your ascension to new Earth. That is the reason why the heart based qualities of “love and compassion” are the most important attribute for ascension and why healing the lower chakras is the your first priority.

Our thoughts, attitudes, beliefs, and “unloving” emotions cause the lower chakras to be overcharged, closed, and blocked. To energetically heal the imbalances in the lower chakras, we must remove two major types of “energy attachments,” namely old emotions and the ego’s relationship to manmade/physical objects & beliefs. An attachment is negative energy that energetically targets the two lower plexus chakras, or visualise an attachment as unwanted frequency blocking those chakras. After we have healed the south pole, we can then start working on the north pole. However, the process of opening the heart chakra can be very painful to both your ego and physical body. When you undertake ascension, the lower frequency or the denser 3D energy that resides in the lower chakras must be eliminated slowly, so the body can gradually adjust and function at a higher frequency. Likewise, your conscious energy or how you think and feel generates frequency. You are the boss of your energy (frequency), so you must begin to master your own thoughts, actions, and intentions. Right now, your frequency is defined by your thoughts, attitudes, and belief systems. You must be prepared to take charge of your ascension process and consciously transmute the lower 3D energy to achieve a 4D energy signature. At the time of the planetary shift, your frequency will determine what dimension you are destined to experience.