To heal the energetic imbalances in the solar plexus (yellow) chakra, you will be required to release yourself from physical/manmade attachments from within your 3D reality. Blockages and/or over stimulation often manifest with the preoccupation towards materialism, greed, selfishness, power over overs, social status, and cultural belief systems. Remember, the solar plexus relates to “physical attachments, ego, fear, and beliefs.” In regards to healing this chakra, you need to understand how the mechanics of negative transference directly influences this chakra.

Negative transference means that you are not self aware that energy from within your 3D life manipulates your energy signature. This ethereal energy is known as physical attachments, which is divided into cultural belief systems and the human ego.

A “Belief System” is your conscious energy (usually emotionally) attached to something within your culture that you perceive to be real. Belief systems are an illusion. They are non-physical and imaginary. The importance and value you have consciously invested into something can mean something completely different to someone else. The beliefs that you may think are important to your life may not culturally exist in someone’s culture. The reason for this: beliefs are vibrational in nature and they only exist in your physical world, because of cultural transference.

Cultural transference means that your conscious energy continues to support and accept that a particular social life system is “true.” Therefore, you have consciously assigned that belief to have some kind of significance to your life. Often you are unconsciously manipulated by your reality to keep your mind thinking about that belief. Therefore, the sum of the conscious energy from your society continues to feed that belief system, which keeps it alive and active within your culture. When people begin to starve their support and detach their conscious energy from accepting the importance of that belief, the less that belief system remains embedded within your culture, and eventually that belief will die out, because it has lost its cultural significance to you and others.

The “Human Ego” means how much of your conscious energy are you are investing to support & maintain your human survival. Ego is associated with pursuing human activities to support your existence and assure your future, for example, materialism, wealth, status, and power/control. The ego is a subclass of cultural transference, the product of human existence, but separate to your consciousness. When the ego becomes conflicted and cannot make sense of the world, it responds with a defence mechanism, which is often emotionally expressed in your behaviour as fear, anger, and denial. The human ego is also related to selfishness – making decisions for personal gain & believing your status, decisions, actions, and self-interests are more important for maintaining your position in the world, which results in the complete disregard to the welfare and/or social & ethical concerns for others. For example, your ego has made you believe that materialism and wealth are necessary to your survival. This illusion has falsely taught you that your life is a competition against other people to maintain your basic human needs and your personal worth as a human is a measure of your performance against others eg: career achievements, social rank or celebrity status gives you a particular cultural standing. Likewise, your reality has been designed to keep feeding your mind with “fear” and to keep you focused on “survival.” eg: “If I don’t pay my mortgage, the bank will repossess my house” or “I save my money, because there will be no old age pension in the next 20 years”.

Attachments are vibrational in nature and have been purposely designed to energetically increase the flow of energy to the solar plexus. Your emotional energy is heavily connected to many types of attachments (possessions, beliefs, etc) within your 3D reality. Many people have energetically invested much of themselves to create and guarantee their long-term security to support themselves and their families and have a strong emotional connection to these attachments to maintain their survival and welfare. During ascension, you must detach yourself from the things that keep binding you to your 3D life. Attachment means fear and resisting a new way of living. Why is detachment hard to do? Your ego has entrapped your emotions. When you try to remove these physical items and beliefs from your life, your emotions automatically react and create a fear-based response. This emotional reaction gives you the feeling that you cannot live and survive in this world or exist without your material possessions, etc. The heavy emotions of fear and anger have energetically attached, built up, and have blocked the solar plexus. When you try to release your ego from an attachment, you trigger those heavy emotions, thus creating a feedback loop that feeds the lower chakras. Fear and anger is a normal response when the ego is energetically starved. Remember when you fully embrace and change your mindset about the concept of survival, welfare, and security and understand that new Earth provides everyone with the same things (abundance for all).

You will not manifest fear and anger when you take steps to release your dependency to your old 3D attachments. Only then do you stop worrying about survival, or stop thinking about worse case scenarios, such as “What happens if I lose my job, get sick, injured, after I retire?” Ascension represents the conscious battle that must be fought between your consciousness (soul) and your ego (3D survival). Your ego is your comfort zone, its seductive; gives you security, and has been the sturdiest part of your life. The dominance of the ego personality will stop people from achieving their ascension, because they will resists releasing their olds ways of thinking and doing things to accept change. A higher frequency means consciousness without ego.