Every thought has a frequency :

A confused person having multiple thoughts at one time

A person who is confused generates multiple frequencies at a time as a result the power of his thoughts is divided giving no result at all. When a person gets no result he/she thinks that there is no God, I am a victim, I am all alone, I can do nothing, I should commit suicide, etc.

Just think how much negative these thoughts are and now rather than generating positive thoughts a person starts to generate negative thoughts resulting in developnment of negative frequencies which keeps on increasing.

A balanced person concentrating on one
thought at a time

A balanced person keeps his/her focus on one thought at a time and generates more frequency resulting in success.

For developing this art of concentration meditation is very important.

Question :

What will happen if a wicked person does meditation and by generating more frequency try to do something bad or get something which is not of his/her.

Answer :

First of all meditation is something spiritual and beyond the reach of wicked people.

A wicked person can try anything and everything to get what he/she wants but here again there is something which is beyond our control and understanding known as the law of Karma.

A wicked person may get what he/she wants by misusing power of frequency in a negative way but he/she will never be able to sustain anything which is achieved by wrong means.

In the long run a wicked person will lose everything he/she has and will have to suffer for misusing powers.