Agnihotra Therapy is a totally revealed science. It is as old as creation. In the course of time this knowledge was lost but it is now being revived to give people guidance about how to correct the polluted conditions of the planet we find ourselves in today. Agnihotra Therapy comes from Veds, the ancient most body of knowledge known to man.

When things go wrong due to pollution, the elements of nature begin to change. The bonding of atoms, fusion of atoms begins in a different way as it is described in ATHARV Ved. It is stated that if atoms begin re-fusion and fission (fusion is the combining of nuclei to form a bigger and heavier nucleus and Fission is the splitting of a heavy nucleus into lighter nuclei) in an improper way, a civilization could be destroyed.

If Agnihotra is performed when this takes place it helps mold things harmoniously and a new beneficial element is produced. Notice, we do not say created. Nothing is created, only re-shaped. This knowledge is Agnihotra Therapy.

Agnihotra is the basic Agnihotra for all Agnihotra fire practices given in the ancient Vedic science. Agnihotra is tuned to the biorhythm of sunrise and sunset. The process involves preparing a small fire in a copper pyramid of fixed size and putting some grains of rice into fire exactly at sunrise and sunset accompanied by chant of two simple Mantras. This knowledge can be used in several areas.

Plant Functions :

When Agnihotra is done in the garden or under a tree the effect of the smoke first goes to the leaves. The smoke acts as a catalyst for the generation of chlorophyll in terms of a chemical reaction which can easily be shown to someone by a botanist who may choose to study the subject.

Agnihotra atmosphere acts as a catalyst on plant metabolism causing the plant to reach for the nutrients it needs giving necessary strength and then yielding the nutrients giving the plant health and allowing it to more efficiently blend with the ecological balance of things.

The root system of a plant draws its energy form a source and if it has developed properly it distributes the energy and nutrients throughout the plant permitting harmonious and equivalent growth. When Agnihotra is performed properly it helps carry the nutrients equally throughout the plant by its vascular system. It does the same things to humans on the subtle level.

Crop Yield :

When growing plants in Agnihotra atmosphere do not necessarily expect the plants themselves to become large; instead observe the size, quality and appearance of the vegetable, fruit or flower. All the energy of the plant goes towards yield.

Energy patterns of plants are arranged in such a way that when Agnihotra is performed the injection of nutritional content into the atmosphere helps shape and mold these patterns harmoniously so that the resulting in excellent quality. Agnihotra is the basic YAGNA.

A strange phenomenon occurs when plants are bred in Agnihotra atmosphere. An aura-type field of energy is generated from the plant and exists around the plant while Agnihotra is performed in its proximity. The field contains nutrients and vibrations. The plant is continually able to draw on this resource that is given by performance of Agnihotra in the area. This gives the plant the ability to maintain maximum growth and yield levels.

Fruit trees will yield double the usual size and with twice the meat if Agnihotra and Agnihotra are performed regularly in the orchards. Orange would be a good fruit to begin with as it will quickly, almost immediately give results.

Tangerine or orange trees will show good results with Agnihotra Therapy experiments. It will be easy to see quickly with either of these species. Pear trees will bear sweeter fruit in Agnihotra atmosphere.

Soil :

Soil in Agnihotra atmosphere holds moisture better than any soil. It is due to the ghee and the feedback of the Agnihotra on the atmosphere. When the nutritional rain comes, the nutrients and moisture are sustained as a unit in the soil. This makes for better quality vegetation. It seems fantastic but it is true.

In Agnihotra Therapy Farming the result of the Agnihotra process is that something physical interacts with the soil making the nutrients already there more potent. When nutrients are absent, cultivating the growth of nutrients necessary for healthy plant life is achieved by the Agnihotra process.

In Agnihotra atmosphere the metabolic process of plants is speeded up. It is the ghee used in Agnihotra process that is the catalytic factor and on a more subtle level the Mantras interacting with the combined effect of the burnt ghee and rice. This combination enters the soil after returning from the solar range. It enters the plants by attaching itself to minerals and water absorbed by the root system of the plant. The ghee acts as a catalyst creating a chemical reaction with the plant aiding in enzyme and vitamin production and encouraging and increasing the cyclic rate. In other words the plants mature faster, taste better and are better just by mere performance of Agnihotra in the garden.

Aeration (to supply with air) of soil is an important part of gardening or farming. If Agnihotra ash is placed on top of soil before it is tilled or cultivated it does a lot to help nourish the plant and make the plant happy. It is important to make the plant happy as that is the way the plants can start to give us the feedback effect of Love. The more love you put into the farm or garden, the more Agnihotra is performed, specifically revolving around Agnihotra, the greater the vibrations of Love will be in the area and the happier the people will be. Also the greater and tastier the yield will be.

Agnihotra and Agnihotra ash when put on the soil it help stabilize the amount of nitrogen and potassium present.

Trace elements in the soil are changing drastically. Trace elements are important to plant growth and maturation. Agnihotra Therapy farming is the way out. With Agnihotra Farming it begins to become important that all phases of nature work in harmony.

Insects :

Bees are attracted to Agnihotra atmosphere as the amount of energy they receive from Agnihotra fire helps them perform at a greater level of efficiency. When this is translated to fertilization they can help to increase the yield of crops. This is especially true with corn, tomatoes, berries, fruit and the like.


If Agnihotra is done round the clock in proximity to a garden that itself is an effective aid to insect control. The atmosphere becomes saturated with ghee and the plants are able to manufacture a protective coating due to special chemical combination in their chemical makeup interacting with the ghee absorbed by the plants by breathing. The Agnihotra atmosphere also creates something intangible that permits this situation to occur, which is based on the vibrational content of the atmosphere due to the Mantras going on all the time.