1. African Tribe's Shocking Origin Story in the Stars - Ancient Aliens (Season 1)
2. Ancient Aliens - DNA Reveals Human Alien Hybrids (Season 7)
3. Ancient Aliens - Hidden Alien Code In DNA Uncovered (Season 13)
4. Ancient Aliens - Atomic Blast Destroys Ancient Pakistani Civilization
5. The Sumerians - They Didn't Mention This in School - Lost Ancient Civilization & Sumerian Tablets
6. Eridu Genesis - The Sumerian Epic Of Creation
7. Mesopotamia From Nomads To Farmers
8. The Complete and Concise History of the Sumerians and Early Bronze Age Mesopotamia (7000-2000 BC)
9. Anunnaki Giant Slab Discovered, Revealing Noah, Gilgamesh and Enki, Sumerian Scholars are Astonished
10. The Anunnaki Gods - The Astronaut Gods Of The Sumerians - Sumerian Mythology
11. Who Was The Greatest King Of Sumer and Akkad? - 10 Greatest Kings Of Ancient Mesopotamia
12. Sumerian Archaeology Boxset - In Search Of The Igigi, Nephilim, Ancient History and Civilisation
13. Gudea Of Lagash - Ancient Sumer's Enlightened King
14. Kish, The Ancient City Of Kings (History of Ancient Mesopotamia - Sumer - Akkad)
15. Science At FMNH - Exploring Kish
16. Kubaba Of Kish - World's First Queens Reimagined
17. Ancient Mesopotamia's Neighbors - The Mysterious Peoples Of The Zagros Mountains Of Iran
18. Indus - Mesopotamia Trade In The Third Millennium BC
19. Amorites - A Brief History
20. The Early Amorites Of Mesopotamia (2600 - 1800 BC)
21. Hanging Gardens Of Babylon The Seven Wonders Of The Ancient World
22. Seven Wonders Of The Ancient World - Gardens Of Babylon Part 1
23. Seven Wonders Of The Ancient World - Gardens Of Babylon Part 2
24. The History of the Magnificent City Of Mari (Ancient Sumer - Akkad - Babylonia)
25. The Sumerians - Fall Of The First Cities
26. Ancient Egypt Dynasty By Dynasty - Scorpion, Narmer and the Predynastic Period Dynasty - Dynasty 0
27. Chilling Messages Encoded In Egyptian Tombs - Secrets Of Ancient Egypt