Ancestry of Vaivasvat Manu

Illa or Ila was daughter of Vaivasvat Manu who married to Buddh (mercury) and got son Pururav.


The expansion of Illa dynasty :

The name of the book - Veer Yudhayay of Haryana - Page 171-165


Author - Swami Omanand Saraswati



Prajapati (Chandra-Som)

Buddh (mercury) (He is married to Manu's daughter Ila)

Pururava El /Ail (This led to the fame of the El / Ail dynasty)

In the Tandya Brahman (37–12–4), it is written that Saumayano Buddh: Som Prajapati's son was Mercury.

First of all, Prajapati is the primary reason for the growth of Som Kaurava dynasty. Nahusha son Yayati was born in the sixth generation of Som.

Yayati had five sons, about whom it is written in the Mahabharat. Who were the best of all. Among them were the great and powerful son Yadu and the youngest.


The son's name was Puru, who grew this lineage of ours (chandravansh). He was born from the womb of Sharmishtha, daughter of Vrishparv.


Yadu was the son of Devayani and the great-grandfather of Shukracharya. He was the originator of Yaduvansh, he was dull (mandhbuddhi) and very arrogant, he insulted all the Kshatriyas. He used to insult his father or brothers as well, so his father Yayati got angry and declared him out from the state. Yadu's borthers who supported Yadu Yayati also denied them authority of Kingdom.


Subsequently, the younger son Puru was obedient and was under him. Yayati placed him on the throne. This proves that even if the eldest son is arrogant, he does not get the state and younger sons also become eligible to get the state by serving older men.

Thus the descent of Kaurav and Pandavas came from Puru. From Yadu, the descent of Yogiraj Shri Krishna ji, etc. One of the sons of Yayati was Anu and from Anu many famouse dynasty started which ruled many states.


Yayati Dynasty

Thus manu's daughter Ella, who married Prajapati Som in 16th dynasty King Nrug's son Ushinagar and his grand son King Yaudhye established stated on his name Yaudhey. This dynasty beause of Prajapati Som (chandra) was called Chandravansh.

It is said that Suryavansh stated from Son's of Vaivasvat Manu and Chandravansh started from Vaivasvat Manu's daughter Ila / Illa.


This is how Suryavansh and Chandravansh started from Vaivasvat Manu.


The Ancestors of Yaudhay were Manu, Pururava, Yayati, Ushinar and Nrugadi who have been great kings. Yaudhey's uncle (chacha) Shivi Aushinagar's had 3 sons Suvir, Kekey and Madrak and they established three republics. Similarly, his cousin (chachere bhai) Suvrata's son Ambastha established a republic. Yaduvansh is also a branch of the dynasty of Yaudhey's. In this way, Purushottam Ram, Yogiraj Shri Krishna and Kaurav's and Pandav's have also come in the branch of Yaudhay.


Creator was with the Sun, with the king in the sixteenth generation Nrig son and Ushinr grandson Yudey Republic's founder Yudey happened king's name. This dynasty was called Chandravansh because of Prajapati Som (Chandra). Suryavansha went from Manu's sons and Chandravansha started from his daughter Ela. In this way, both the famous sun and moon dynasty of Kshatriyas are related to Manu.

Like this Manu Pururava, Yayati, Ushinar and Nrigadi have been great kings among the ancestors of the Yodhyayas. Uncle Yudeyon same lineage Shivi Awshinr of Suvir, Keky and Mdrak - the establishment of three republics of three sons. Similarly, his cousin Suvrata's son Ambastha established a republic. Yaduvansh is also a branch of the dynasty of Yaudheyas. In this way, Purushottam Ram, Yogiraj Shri Krishna and Kauravas and Pandavas have also come in thhis branch.