The exact time period of Rig Ved is debatable but it is considered as one of the oldest text of Aryans. It covers many different subjects and also about Burial, Cremation and Tombstones.


First let me clear that Vedic Sanskrut is different than spoken Sanskrut. Vedic Sanskrut is more complicated and its translation in English is completely different than Hindi moreover even Hindi language translations contain different words which changes entire meaning.


This is because people have translated Veds according to their understanding and knowledge.


The below given Mantras are from Rig Ved Mandal 10, Sukt 18. It contains total 14 Mantras.


The Book name is :


Rig Ved Samhita

English translation according to H. H. Wilson & Bhasya of Sayanacarya


Edited & Revised with as exhaustive Introduction and notes by


Ravi Prakash Arya


K. L. Joshi


Published by Parimal Publications


Second Revised Edition 2001


The given below Mantras shows that Aryans were buried as well as cremated and their ashes were buried.

Tombstones :


Wherever Aryans lived you will see ancient Tombstones as it has been a part of Aryan culture.


Refer to above given Rig Ved Sukt 18, Mantra 4 i.e. 8964 about Tombstone.


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