Vang, Vanga is gotra of Jats. The inhabitants of Vang country were known by this name.

Mention by Panini :

Vangaka is a reference to Panini in Ashtadhyayi .

Vangi (vangi), is mentioned by the Panini -in, Ashtadhyayi .

Vanga is a name of Country mentioned by Panini in Ashtadhyayi under Gahadi (4.2.138) group.

History :

V. S. Agrawala writes that Panini refers to Nagara (IV.2.142), e.g. Mahanagar and Navanagar as names of towns 'not in the north' but in the east. Mahanagar is to be identified with Mahasthan, the capital of north Bengal or Pundra and Navanagar with the Navadvip, the capital of west Bengal or Vang. In between Mahanagar and Navanagar lay Gaudpura (VI.2.100), modern Gaud, an important town in route from Champa to Mahasthan and an important centre of guda manufacturing in the Pundra Country.

V S Agarwal writes that Panini takes Bhakti to denote loyalty of the citizen to the State either a kingdom or a republic. The Kashik mentions, as examples of this kind of Bhakti or loyalty, 1. Angak, 2. Vangak, 3. Sauhmak, 4. Paundrak, 5. Madrak, 6. Vrijik.

Dalip Singh Ahlawat writes :

Vidarbh was ruled by Yaduvanshi Shashibindu . It was the Chakravarti emperor who happened to be in the seventh generation from Yadu in the branch of Karokshatri, son of Yadu. These dynasties and territories are mentioned in Ramayan and Mahabharat which are as follows -

Sugriv ordered the monkey army to go to the above mentioned countries to search for Sita.

In the east direction - Videh (Va . Kishkindha Kand Canto 40).

South - Vidarbh, Vang, Pundr , Chola and Pandyvanshi City Kings (Tanjore). (Canto 41).

In the north - southern Kudesh (around Kurukshetra) and northern Kuru (in present-day Siberia). (Cant 43)

Digvijay of the Mahabharata Samparv Pandavs - In the north direction Arjun conquered the Chola country (Chapter 27) and the North Kurudesh (Chapter 28) along with many countries. In the past Bhimsen conquered Videh (Mithila) (Chapter 29) and Pandara-Pundrak and Vang countries (Chapter 30). In the south direction, Sahadeva conquered the Pandya King. (Chapter 31).

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