The posture arousing mantra shakti is known as Asan.

Siddhasan :-

This Asan is very useful to acquire Sidhi. Even fat persons can practice it. Place one heel at the anus and keep the other heel at the root of generative system.

The feet or legs should be so arranged that the ankle joints should touch each other. Hands should be placed straight on the knee joints. Sit for 15 minutes with closed eyes concentrating on God. This asana is useful in curing rheumatism and keeps the mind and body in order. The eyes must be focused if not closed, on the space between eyebrows (Trikuti).

Padmasan :-

Place the right foot on the left thigh and then carefully bring the left foot on the right thigh. This is the physical position for the spiritual process. One must press the tongue against the teeth and chin against heart. The sight should be focused on the tip of the nose. Breathing should be slow. It destroys diseases.

Pranayam :-

Pranayam removes all diseases, purifies the Nadis, steadies the mind in concentration, improves digestion and increases the appetite. It helps awaken the Kundalini. Sit in Padma or Siddhasan. Close the right nostril with the thumb. Draw in the air very slowly through the left nostril.

Then do it like wise with the right nostril. Retain the air as long as you can comfortably. Then exhale very slowly, through the nostril after removing thumb or finger. Do twenty rounds in the morning and twenty in the evening. Increase it gradually.

Trataka :-

This involves steady gazing at a particular point or object without blinking to increase concentration. It is a very effective method to control the mind, improve the eyesight, and develop will power. It can be done by concentrating one's attention on a black or white dot on the wall, a picture or on AUM, etc.

Pooja :-

Deva or Deity should be kept in one's mind while reciting the mantra. Each mantra has a tremendous force and draws maximum benefit.

This can be performed in three ways :

1. Vaikhari (Verbal) by speaking loudly.

2. Upamsu (Whispering).

3. Mansik (Mental).

Aagnihotra :-

Homa is performed with fire in accordance with prescribed rituals.

Lights in Meditation :-

Various lights are manifested during meditation. In the beginning a bright light of the size of the pin point will appear in the forehead in the trikuti, which is called the 'Ajna chakra'. Different lights are seen when eyes are closed. These lights appear in mental space, and are tantric lights having it's specific colors. Frequently it is combination of white and yellow but red and blue lights are rarely seen. Initially small balls of light are seen which later become dazzling lights.

The lights become stable with advancement of meditation. Also at higher stages of meditation figures as sadhus or other physical forms are seen in stable light. One should not pay much attention to these figures and should concentrate on the ultimate goal only. These are simply to make one convience that there is existence of God and super physical and meta physical realities. This is 'sadhana shakti'. If carried out with faith, one can achieve marvelous results, get siddhi and can benefit both the one self and the mankind.