Bhuvaneshwari is associated and identified with the energy underlying creation. She symbolizes the creation and control. She embodies the characteristic dynamics and constituents that make up the world and that lend creation its distinctive character. She is both a part of creation and also pervades its aftermath. Her dhyaan (meditation) describes her as having a radiant vermilion complexion resembling the sunrise and a beautiful face, framed with flowing hair the color of black bees.

Bhuvaneshwari symbolizes the dynamic power of God, which manifests itself in a multitude of visible and impermanent forms. The manifestation is ultimately considered as unreal because of its inconstancy and impermanence. But at the same time, the devotional scriptures say that Bhuvaneshvari is also distinct from the illusion. She creates because she controls it. But she is not caught in it. This control over the worldly illusion gives her the power to help human beings not to be involved in Maya (illusion) and not to be bound by it but instead to go beyond it.

Bhuvaneshwari stands for the concept of space, which has many levels of manifestation: The space of the physical universe and the space of the mind. Just as there are many layers of space in the universe, there are many layers in the higher levels of the mind. In our body, the heart is where the infinite space of the universe resides, and this is the seat of Bhuvaneshwari, who represents this space. By creating space, we release ourselves from stress and tension. Those seeking the supreme peace should invoke and worship the Goddess Bhuvaneshwari, who is the power of infinite ‘expansion’, peace and equanimity.

Her sound-body is ‘Hreem’, which is as powerful as ‘Aum’. ‘Hreem’ connects the space within the heart with the infinite, vast space of Consciousness.

The name of the Mahavidya itself means the ruler of the world and the Sadhak of Bhuvaneshwari is always victorious on all fronts in life and becomes all-powerful. Even Lord Ram had to propitiate the Goddess before defeating Ravan who had conquered even heaven.

Bhuvaneshwari mean the ruler of the world and by worshipping her one can achieve success and victorious in every fields of life and become powerful it is said that Lord Ram had done this sadhna before defeating Ravan who is so much powerful that he conquered heaven , it removes the malefic effects of planet Moon.

Whatever he wishes is fulfilled, for he is bestowed with 64 divine virtues (64 Yogini) which help him succeed in every venture that he undertakes. He becomes a virtual Man of his Age. This Sadhana can be started on first day of any month.

The presiding of Mani-dwipa (name of a place) as described in Devi Bhagawat is an embodiment of the Mantra 'Hrillekha' (HRIM), Shakti and Maha Laxmi and also a companion of Lord Shiv in all of his divine activities and is called Goddess Bhuvaneshwari.

Goddess Bhuvaneshwari is the preeminent and a nurturer of the whole humanity. Her appearance is Somber and her complexion is red. She blesses her devotee by making him fearless and also help him in the accomplishment of all the powers. In the scriptures her greatness has been described in detail.

Her complexion is red like a rising Sun and has three eyes. She possesses moon in her crown. Her soft smile gives information about her favor and kindness. A hook and a noose in her hand show her controlling power.

Worship - Normally, wishes and aspirations get fulfilled if either the cryptic mantra or the other mantras are chanted for 5,00000 times (five lakhs), with full faith and devotion. The chanting of the mantras can be raised according to the requirement.

If goddess Bhuvaneshwari is pleased then all the aspirations of man gets fulfilled and he is saved from the dangerous calamities.

Color : White/red

Flower : Pink

Special day : Friday

Anniversary : Bhaadrapad Shukla Dwaadashee

Shiv (initiating light) : Trayambak

Ratri (energy of Shiv) : Siddharaatri

Direction : West

Worshipped for : Wealth, happiness in family, prosperity and stability in business, while building house, office, etc.

Beej Mantra : Hreem

Mantra : Am Hreem Shreem

Meaning of the mantra : Am-Saraswati (knowledge), Hreem -Illusion, Shreem -Laxmi (wealth)

A sadhak (devotee) of Bhuvaneshwari :

Gains a mesmerizing personality that draws all people to him and makes them readily obey his command.
Diseases, enemies and problems are forever banished from his life.
He has unexpected and huge monetary gains.
He conquers all problems in life – even the danger of untimely death.
He leads a joyous family life and gains fame and respect nation and worldwide.
Whatever he wishes for is fulfilled, for he is bestowed with 64 divine virtues which help him succeed in every venture that he undertakes.
She can bestow totality in married life and make it happy, prosperous and comfortable.
Grant a good life partner.

She always smiles and brings good luck. Her hands are in two mudras which are Abhay and Varad.

Abhay mudra removes all the three types of fear :

1. Loss of life,

2. Loss of respectability and,

3. Loss of money.

She removes fear and installs fearlessness in her devotee.

Varad mudra fulfills desire and gives liberation.