Bhuvaneshwari Maha Mantra :

The Bhuvaneshwari Maha Mantra is the Maha Mantra dedicated to Goddess Bhuvaneshwari. Bhuvaneshwari simply means “Goddess of the phenomenal world”. Where “Bhuvan” means phenomenal world and “Eshwari” means goddess. Goddess Bhuvaneshwari who is also known as Bhuvana and Bhuvaneshwari Devi or Bhuvaneshwari Maa is depicted having four arms. She carries an Angusa (weapon) and Pash (Cord) in her two arms. While her third and the fourth ones depicted in Vardan Mudra (Boon Giving) and Abhaya Mudra (Protection). She is pictured sitting in a lotus flower, radiating in her face – the luminescence of thousands of Sun's.

Bhuvaneshwari is the creator of the five elements which is also known as Panchbhoot and the seven worlds. The Sapth Matrika (Seven Mother Goddesses) are said to have been emanated from her beej mantra : Hreem (Hreemkar). She dwells in the Manidweep which is well above and beyond the Brahma Lok, Kailaya, and Vaikunth.

Goddess Bhuvaneshwari Devi can be worshiped by chanting the Bhuvaneshwari Maha Mantra and Bhuvaneshwari Maha Mantra.

Goddess Bhuvaneshwari Yantra :

Bhuvaneshwari Yantra

The bhupur is of yellow colour symbolizing knowledge. The eight petals represents the four pairs of opposite experiences : merit and demerit, right and wrong, attachment and detachment, as well as mastery and slavery. The inner circle of eight petals represent the five elements (Panchabootha) and the three Guna (Sattvic, Tamasic, and Rajasic). The six pointed star represents a balance of opposites. The Bindu in the center of the star is Goddess Bhuvaneshwari, herself.

Goddess Bhuvaneshwari Tantra :

The Bhuvaneshwari upasana is done in Sambhavi Mudra. By de-focussing objects of the world, the multitude merges into the “One”.

Benefits Of Praying To Goddess Bhuvaneshwari :

The benefits of praying to Goddess Bhuvaneshwari are definitely related to wealth and fortune. It is believed that she confers Lakshmi Kadaksha to her devotees. Goddess Bhuvaneshwari bestows immense wealth and the ability to overcome all the challenges in life. She ensures victory for her devotees.

A devotee will be able to gain a mesmerizing personality that draws people to him/her. Apart from that she also confers prosperity, good fortune, and peace of mind to those who worship her fervently. She is also a boon giver and will help to realize all your dreams and ambitions.

The Bhuvaneshwari Maha Mantra is also extremely beneficial for those in the agricultural sector. Incline in dhana (money) and dhaanya (grains) can be seen when the Maa Bhuvaneshwari Maha Mantra is chanted on a daily basis.

Goddess Bhuvaneshwari is said to protect her devotees from all misfortunes in life and gives successive successes in all endeavors. It is believed that she is also a boon giver when she is worshiped with utmost devotion.

The other benefits of praying to Goddess Bhuvaneshwari and by chanting the Bhuvaneshwari Maha Mantra are :

Financial freedom
Debt-free life
Ability to retrieve pawned jewelries
Ability to settle off loans and monthly installments easily
Profit in business
Success in ventures
Promotions in job and desired career growth
Increased inflow of money
Obstacles in shubha karya (auspicious ceremonies) will vanish
Ability to buy properties such as house, land, shop lots, etc.
Ability to buy and travel in a luxurious vehicle to suit your status and as per your desire
Luck in lotteries, gambling, and speculation
Earn name and fame
Ability to do many charities and to help others

Best Days To Chant Bhuvaneshwari Maha Mantra :

If you are unable to chant the mantra on a daily basis, you may chant it on Fridays. Apart from that, Tritiya tithi and Full Moon Day also known as Purnima (Pournami) are also considered auspicious to worship Goddess Bhuvaneshwari. You may also worship her during the Navratri periods.

Best Day To Initiate :

The best days to initiate the mantra are Shukla Paksha Friday, Full Moon Day (Purnima / Pournami), Shukla Paksha Tritiya tithi day (such as Akshaya Tritiya), or during Navratri.

Best Time To Chant The Maha Mantra Of Bhuvaneshwari :

The mantra should be recited during Brahma Muhurta. Apart from that, 6.00 a.m. – 7.00 a.m or during Shukra Hora

Number of Times To Chant The Bhuvaneshwari Maha Mantra :

This mantra can be chanted for a minimum of 9 times on a daily basis. Apart from that, one can also chant it for 18, 27, 36, 45, 108 or 1,008 times.

Who Can Chant This Mantra :

This powerful mantra can be chanted by anyone regardless of gender and age.

*Ladies should avoid chanting this mantra during their monthly menstrual cycles.

How To Worship Goddess Bhuvaneshwari ? :

You can use the either the photo or yantra of Bhuvaneshwari (given above). Apart from that, you may also worship Goddess Bhuvaneshwari using either the Shri Chakra or Shri Maha Meru Yantra which is considered even more auspicious.

Shri Chakra can be used to worship Goddess Bhuvaneshwari.

Shri Yantra

Worshipping Goddess Bhuvaneshwari using the Shri Maha Meru is considered extremely auspicious.

Where To Chant The Bhuvaneshwari Maha Mantra :

This mantra should be chanted facing either East or North while seated on either the Northeast or East quadrant of your house or puja room.

To Attain Siddhi :

One should start chanting this mantra 1,008 times on an auspicious day (as mentioned above) for a period of 21 days. Alternatively, one may also chant this mantra for 100,008 times on Akshaya Tritiya in order to attain siddhi of the mantra.

*When the siddhi of the mantra has been conferred to you by Goddess Bhuvaneshwari, you ought to have a pleasant dream about the Goddess herself. You will then be able to master the Trikala : past, present, and future. Apart from that, you will also be able to control and mesmerize others. Once the siddhi of the Maha Mantra of Goddess Bhuvaneshwari has been attained, you may chant the mantra upon holy ash (udhi / vibuthi) which will have curative effects.

Naivedya / Nivedhyam / Prasadham (Food Offerings) for Bhuvaneshwari :

One can offer sweet prasads such as sweet pongal and traditional sweets. Apart from that, pure cow’s milk sweetened with jaggery can also be offered as naivedya. Small quantity of honey (a tablespoon will do) or anything sweet made with honey too can be offered to Goddess Bhuvaneshwari.

Besides that, just a handful or a small piece of jaggery and/or rock sugar too can be offered as naivedya (nivedhinam) to Goddess Bhuvaneshwari.

Flowers / Plants For Bhuvaneshwari :

Any fragrant flowers such as Jasmine and Marigold can be offered. Pink/Red Champa and Pink/Red Rose can be offered (though, pink lotus flower is the most auspicious to Goddess Bhuvaneshwari). Besides that, any red or pink coloured flowers too can be offered.
*Never ever offer artificially (chemically) coloured flowers to Gods.

Jaap Mala For Bhuvaneshwari Maha Mantra :

You can use rosary beads (jaap mala) made out of clear quartz crystal (sphatik mala) or tulsi jaap mala for the jaap of the Bhuvaneshwari Maha Mantra.

The Bhuvaneshwari Maha Mantra is given below :

Om Shreem Hreem Shreem Namo Bhagavathi Bhuvaneshwari Shreem Hreem Ham Nama Swaha.