Goddess Bhuvaneshwari

Name of godess Bhuvaneshwari also mentioned in Hindu philosophy, that is called Tantra, the religious literature expounding the worship of the Divine Mother. The tantric works describe ten aspects of Shakti , the universal energy. The term Mahavidya means ‘great knowledge’ or wisdom. Each of these ten great deities is an famous personality of the

Divine heaven continueing to reveals spiritual knowledge. Bhuvaneshwari is the fourth major power described in the Tantras.

Bhuvaneshwari stands for the concept of space. Space has many levels of manifestation: The space of the physical Universe and the space of the mind. There are many layers of space in the Universe and many layers in the higher levels of the mind. In our body, the heart is where the infinite space of the Universe resides, and this is the place of the Divine godess Bhuvaneshwari as she represents the Space. We release ourselves from stress and tension by creating space.

The goddess revealing a representation of Kali in certain temples, the intense aspect of our Divine Mother. It is because both are intimately connected as representing time and space, it is believed that goddess made creation possible. goddess Kali manages the timing of the dance and Bhuvaneshwari stands for the original space before creation in which Kali’s cosmic dance takes place.

Her Bheej is ‘Hreem’ which is as powerful as ‘Aum’. Hreem’ connects the space within the heart with the infinite, vast space of Consciousness.

Sakthi pranavam is also know as mantra ‘Hreem’. Hreemkara is present in variour upanishads like sowbhagya lakhsni, bhavanopanishad, Sri Sooktham and others. In Lalitha trisathi, word Hreem is used for glorifying godess bhuvaneswari at 29 places. Goddess is worshipped by shiv, Brahma and Vishnu.

Bhuvaneswari always appears with a smiling face. She has 4 hands; two of which bless the devotees. She carries weapons such as Paasam and Angusam. Her smiling face is meant to cheer-up devotees for happiness.

She is always well dressed, bedecked with Jewelry and gems of various kinds. Scriptures describe Her as brighter than thousand Suns, and wearing a crescent moon on Her crown. She is variously described as the brightness of thousand suns, beauty of peacock and parrot, nectar in a flower, ruby among gems and Ganga among rivers.

She resides at Manidweepam, which was created out of her own thought. Manidvipam consists of several forts, made of several materials , that is consisting of common metals on the outside, gold, sapphire corals , topaz, pearl, emerald at inner side. it is believed that eight gods such as Agni, Indira, kubera, vayu, etc. guard the Manidweepam.

Story of mother Bhuvaneshwari :

Mythology tells us that in the beginning, Surya, the sun, appeared in the heavens. In order to create the world, the sages offered soma to the sun. The sun was pleased and through the power of Shakti, He created the three worlds and ruled and after that protected them. Many also believe that Goddess named Bhuvaneswari is also called as symbol of grace and beauty. She represents knowledge and intelligence.

She is believed to be giver of health, wealth,and happiness. many of the Devotional songs say that Bhuvaneshwari is like Saraswathi, the goddess of learning, wisdom and knowledge. the highest form of wisdom which also means Jnanna Swaroop is said to be goddess herself. many people believes that godess bhuvaneshwari has such a power that small glance gives boons to the goddesses Lakshmi, Parvathi and Saraswathi. She is believed to confers sympathy, confidence, wisdom, beauty on all because these qualities are within Her. It is purely believed that Prayers offered to her bring happiness and remove sorrow in life and all the Sins are forgiven by godess.

Benefits of Bhuvaneshwari’s worship :

The name of the Mahavidya itself means the ruler of the world and a Sadhak of Bhuvaneshwari is always victorious on all fronts in life and becomes all-powerful. it is said the King Ram also had to propitiate the almighty Goddess before war with Ravan who already conquered heaven.

A Sadhak of Bhuvaneshwari :

Benefits For Sadhak
Gains a mesmerizing personality that draws all people to him and makes them readily obey his command.
Diseases, enemies and problems are forever banished from his life.
He has unexpected and huge monetary gains.
He conquers all problems in life – even the danger of untimely death.
He leads a joyous family life and gains fame and respect nation and worldwide.
Whatever he wishes for is fulfilled, for he is bestowed with 64 divine virtues which help him succeed in every venture that he undertakes.
She can bestow totality in married life and make it happy, prosperous and comfortable.
Grant a good life partner.

Bhuvaneswari is the Queen (Eswari) of the phenomenal world (Bhuvan) and is one of the Das (10) Maha Vidyas (while the others are Kali, Tara, Shodasi, Tripurabhairavi, Cinnamastha, Dhumavati, Bagalamuki, Rajamathangi and Kamalathmika) and is fourth in the line. Bhuvaneswari is mainly associated with the earth and the physical world. She is depicted as the Sovereign, the mistress of the worlds. Like Goddess Rajarajeswari another form of the goddess she rules the universe.

Bhuvanam means Universe and Eswari is Ruler. Goddess Bhuvaneswari is the Universal Mother and Ruler of the Universe. Her Bheeja is `HREEM’ and she resides in the Manidveepam – a fort. She has four hands, two of which bless the devotees while the other two holds the noose to draw the devotee closer to her and angusam to rid the devotee of their sufferings. It is believed that the 10 incarnations (Dasavatara) of Lord Vishnu emerged from the 10 fingernails of Goddess Bhuvaneswari. It is said that one eye of Goddess Bhuvaneswari is regarded as Raja Mathangi, who bestows prosperity and erudition while the other eye is that of Goddess Bhuvaneswari is Varahi- the Commander-in-chief of the celestial army, who protects devotees from all evil.

According to some Hindu traditions Bhuvaneshwari who is known for her beauty, co-operates with Shiv in bringing forth from the formless primal light the elements of the physical cosmos, in giving shape to the inchoate; hence her epithet “Creator (or Co-creatrix) of the World”. Also Bhuvaneshwari is considered as the supreme goddesses who creates everything and destroys all the unnecessary evils of world. She is also considered as the Mother goddess of Kali, Lakshmi, and Saraswati also Gayatri. In Hindu Mythology she is considered as the most powerful goddess in the universe. Parvati is Sagun Roop of Goddess Bhuvaneswari.

Lord Shiv is the cause behind the evolution of this creation and his powers lies in goddess Bhuvaneswari. Her ambrosia nurtures the whole world.

The Sri Lalitha Sahasranama describes Bhuvaneswari as the protector of the 14 worlds (bhuvan). Bhuvana also means water. Thus, She is considered as the protector of the land and the oceans. In the Tripurasiddhanth (a scripture) we also find that Devi is called Bhuvaneswari because She blessed her Guru who was known as Bhuvanandanatha. Bhuvaneswari is also called Prakriti, the active force in the cosmic creation. She is the underlying energy creating, sustaining and maintaining the physical world which is the supreme power embodied in names and forms.

Devotional songs describing Her names say, “She initiated the worlds, all the five elements are born from Her. She entered the worlds, sustained them and nourished them.” Most often she is associated with Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiv, the sustainer and the destroyer of the universes. She is Hara Hari, the Shakti of Vishnu and Shiv and She is adored by them. In other scriptures, Brahma the creator is also mentioned. Ultimately, what she represents goes beyond creation itself.

She is the source of all that from which creation proceeds. Thus, Bhuvaneswari also personifies the original cosmic Space, the Ether (Akash).

In several hymns, we find Bhuvaneswari being identified with the Kundalini, the subtle force lying at the base of the spine in the human body. Bhuvaneswari is the one who increases the Shakti. She is in everyone in the form of Kundalini Shakti. The hymns also describe Kundalini Shakti saying, “She has the form of a snake, She is yellow in color and She is like lightning. She is in everyone. She is in the flesh and blood, She is even in the skin.”

More than any other Mahavidya with the exception of Kamalatmika, Bhuvaneshvari is associated and identified with the energy underlying creation. She embodies the characteristic dynamics and constituents that make up the world and that lend creation its distinctive character. She is both a part of creation and also pervades its aftermath.

Bhuvaneshwari means Mistress of the World. Bhuvaneshwari’s beauty is mentioned often. Her dhyana describes her as having a radiant vermilion complexion resembling the sunrise and a beautiful face, framed with flowing hair the color of black bees. Her eyes are broad, her lips full and red, her nose delicate. Her firm breasts are smeared with sandal paste and saffron. Her waist is thin, and her thighs and navel are lovely. Her beautiful throat is decorated with ornaments, and her arms are made for embracing. She is seated on a throne, adorned with a flower garland and anklets, bracelets of fine gems. She is also found seated on lions, also group of lions sit around her throne. A crescent moon adorns her forehead, resting atop a jeweled crown. She has three eyes and a pleasant, nurturing smile.

She has four arms, in two of which she holds a noose and a goad. With her lower left hand, she makes the gesture (vardan-mudra) of offering a boon, and with the lower right she signals fearlessness (abhay mudra). She is a shakti present everywhere but not seen anywhere.

Sometimes she is represented with a lotus and a jewel bowl in tow of her hands, and in other cases her left foot is placed on a jewel bowl.

The Great Cosmic Power Bhuvaneswari is sitting on a bed resembling a throne, which consists in representing the five forms of manifestation of the God Shiv, as we described them in the article about the Great Cosmic Power Tripura Sundari.

From this throne, the Great Cosmic Power Bhuvaneswari controls and organizes the movement of the entire universe. Different gods and goddesses who serve her and immediately obey her orders surround the Great Cosmic Power Bhuvaneswari.

Meditating with great perseverance on this beautiful goddess form, the sincere practitioner may obtain her infinite grace, become even enlightened, and reveal his or her supreme Self.

This beauty and attractiveness may be understood as an affirmation of the physical world. Tantric thought does not denigrate the world or consider it illusory or delusory, as do some other abstract aspects of Indian thought.

This is made amply clear in the belief that the physical world, the rhythms of creation, maintenance, and destruction, even the hankerings and sufferings of the human condition is nothing but Bhuvaneshvari’s play, her exhilarating, joyous sport.

She is also known as Om Shakthi or Adi Shakthi q.e one of the earliest forms of shakthi. She is capable of turning situations according to her wish. It is considered that even the navagrahas cannot stop her from doing anything.

Both Bhuvaneswari and Kali are intimately connected as representing time and space, which made creation possible. Kali arranges the timing of the cosmic dance while Bhuvaneshwari stands for the original space before creation in which Kali’s cosmic dance takes place. Devotional songs say that Bhuvaneswari is like Saraswathi, the goddess of learning, wisdom and knowledge. She is described as “Jnana Swaroop,” the highest form of wisdom.

It is also said that Bhuvaneswari has so much power that a mere glance from Her gives boons to the goddesses Lakshmi, Parvathi and Saraswathi. She confers confidence, sympathy, beauty and wisdom on them because all these qualities are within HerBhuvaneswari is the fourth major power described in the Tantras. The term Mahavidya means “great knowledge” or wisdom. Each of these ten great deities is an outstanding personality of the Divine who bestows or reveals spiritual knowledge.

Bhuvaneshwari and Space :

Bhuvaneswari is the fourth in the list of the Dasa Maha Vidyas, Bhuvaneswari stands for the concept of space. Space has many levels of manifestation: The space of the physical Universe and the space of the mind. Just as there are many layers of space in the Universe, there are many layers in the higher levels of the mind. In our body, the heart is where the infinite space of the Universe resides, and this is the seat of the Divine Mother, Bhuvaneswari who represents this Space. By creating space, we release ourselves from stress and tension. Those seeking the supreme peace should invoke and worship the Goddess Bhuvaneswari, who is the power of infinite expansion, peace and equanimity. Her soundbody is Hreem, which is as powerful as Aum. Hreem connects the space within the heart with the infinite, vast space of Consciousness.

Maya :

Like most of the aspects of the Divine Mother, Bhuvaneswari is associated with Maya. Maya comes from the Sanskrit root, “ma”, to measure. Maya is also a synonym for illusion. Thus, Bhuvaneswari symbolizes the dynamic power of God, which manifests itself in a multitude of visible and impermanent forms. In Hindu philosophy, the manifestation is ultimately considered as unreal because of its inconstancy and impermanence. But at the same time, the devotional scriptures say that Bhuvaneswari is also distinct from the illusion She creates because She controls it. But She is not caught in it. This quality of mastery over the worldly illusion gives Her the power to help human beings not to be involved in Maya and not to be bound by it but instead to go beyond it.

The concept of Goddess Bhuvaneswari as the supreme goddess emerged in historical religious literature as a term to define the powerful and influential nature of female deities in India. Throughout history, goddesses have been portrayed as the mother of the universe, through whose powers the universe is created and destroyed. The gradual changes in belief through time shape the concept of Bhuvaneswari and express how the different Goddesses, though very different in personality, all carry the power of the universe on their shoulders. She is almighty.

Goddess Bhuvaneshwari Mantra :

A person who chants Goddess Bhuivaneshwari’s mantra is blessed in various ways. It can also be chanted to please other gods and goddesses.

Bhuvaneshwari Mantra :

Om Aim Hreem Shreem Namah (Mool Mantra)

Hrum Om Kreem (Treyakshari Mantra)

Aim Hrum Shreem Aim Hrum (Panchokshari Mantra)

A person who chants this mantras is blessed with wisdom and strength.