Chemistry :


Atom, Element, Molecule and Compound :


Atom :



Atoms are composed of particles called protons, electrons and neutrons.


Atom Shell

Electrons keep moving on is shell outside Nucleus. Each shell has a fix number of electrons. The electrons in the outer most shell is called Valence Electrons and outer most shell is called Valance Shell. Atoms bond with another atom to form a molecule with these Valance Electrons in Valance Shell. Atoms always keep trying to fill their shells.

Shell level Electrons :


Shell Level


Element :



Element is the simplest type of pure substance. It is made up of same Atoms. An Element cannot be broken down into a different substance which means that even if you break some part of the Element still the Atoms will remain same.

Example :

A diamond is made up of one type of particle and Atom is a smallest particle of that matter. The pure Atoms combined in a matter (diamond) is Element.

There are currently 118 different elements as mentioned in below periodic table.


Periodic Table (Click on image to enlarge)

Molecules :

Atoms are the basic building blocks of ordinary matter. Atoms can join together to form molecules, which in turn form most of the objects around you.


Example :

An Oxygen Atom can hold up to 8 Electrons but it only has 6 in this case it is looking for more Electrons to fill its shell. Assume we have 2 Hydrogen Atoms each having 1 Electron in its outer shell but it can hold 2 electrons hence it is also looking for more Electrons. So the Oxygen Atom bonds with 2 Hydrogen Atoms to fill its shell by sharing 1 Electron from each Hydrogen Atom. Here the requirement of Hydrogen Atom is also fulfilled.

By this combination they become Water Molecules. Hence the chemical bonding of 2 different Atoms forms a Molecule.


Compound :


Two or more Atoms chemically combined make a molecule.

A substance made of two or more chemically combined elements forms a compound. A compund is interchangeable (capable of replacing or changing places with something else).


A Compund can be be broken down into a different substance this is known as depolymerization.

Chemistry with Religion :

It is said in Ancient text that Indra and other Gods used to change their shape this is because they were able to change their compound through Vibrations created by mantras.

An Element consists of single atoms by this we can say that Lord Vishnu, Shiv and Goddess Parvati are Ajanma (unborn) which means they are Atoms and Kailash can be called as Element.


When two Atoms chemically combined make a molecule and hence from religious point of view the combination of Shiv and Shakti which are two different Atoms when they both get combined together they form a Molecule.

A compund consists of molecules which means Lord Ganesh, Kartik and even we all humans are molecules. Planet earth on which we all humans live together can be called as Compound.


A Compund can be broken down into a different Substance this is known as Depolymerization hence we all are same Molecule living on a Compound known as Earth but with different Substance because we all think and act differently.


In our religious texts it is written that God says I exists everywhere and you are a part of me. I am in you and you are in me.


If we worship only one God we are doing depolymerization of our own self but if we worship many Gods we remain as a Molecule of Shiv and Shakti.

Attaining Moksh (salvations) means merging our Molecule / Atom with the main Molecule / Atom which forms Compound / Element.