For every deity there is a different mantra and for every purpose there is a different mantra. People might think that why there are many different deities and mantras in Hinduism? This is because what we think as deities is nothing but energy and there are many different energy forms like mild, medium and high.

If we chose a deity according to our vibrations we get fast results because the energy is compatible.

Every mantra produces a vibration which affects our brain.

Not only this, there are many different paths in achieving our goals and out of all of them only one is best for us. For example there is Jap Marg, Tap Marg, Yagna Marg, Bhakti Marg, Karma Marg, Gyan Marg, Dharma Marg, Daan Marg and a lot more. Out of many paths I will explain these 8 in detail and how it works.

1. Jap Marg :



Jap Marg


Here a mantra is chosen and is repeatedly spoken and because of that it creates a vibration and a person starts to get benefit according to that mantra.


All the mantras work on different parts of brain and chakras hence it is very important to study first the mantra and its meaning along and the Beej given in that mantra along with its meaning and which deity it represents.


Jap Marg consists of Anushthan that is repeating a mantra 125000 times or as per mentioned in texts. This creates a vibration in our body and our certain senses at subconscious level develop. During Jap celibacy is very important because there is a vibration being created in your body and if you involve in sexual activities then those vibrations gets disturbed and you do not get desired results.


2. Tap Marg :



Tap Marg


Here only focus is there in connecting to the supreme god or what we call energy. A selected beej, mantra or god’s name is uttered in mind and total focus of mind is on Pineal Gland (third Eye) because of which our soul / vibrations / atoms become pure and merge in the supreme itself therefore there is no rebirth.


3. Yagna Marg :



Yagna Marg


This is totally at sansarik level. Yagnas are done for a specific purpose like to nullify the bad effects of planets, achieve a specific object like job, success in business, etc. This is on sansarik level as the objective is only to fulfill a specific goal. Here you ask God to give you what you want.


In Yagna there are 3 things which are very important 1. The Yagna samagri, 2. Mantras spoken should be perfectly spoken and 3. Intention. All these 3 together creates vibrations at higher level and gets your objective fulfilled.

Important note :

In all these 3 paths the most important thing is your karmas which are at sukshma level. A person’s bad karmas stand as a block between a person and his desires hence it is very important to first clear bad karmas.


A person can clear bad karmas in many ways. Study his astrology chart and do vidhi of bad planets, nakshatras and yogas which hinders his progress. Bad nakshatras, planets and yogas keep on producing negative vibrations in a person’s mind and body which in turn makes him take wrong decisions and hinders his/her progress in many ways.

4. Bhakti Marg :



Bhakti Marg


Bhakti Marg does not have any rules its totally between a deity and his/her worshipper. Bhakti Marg is of total faith and devotion. Here a person completely surrenders himself in front of his/her deity and whatever comes in his life he accepts it in a positive way.


Here a person accepts what God gives to him.

5. Karma Marg :



Karma Marg


Karma Marg is to do work with complete honesty and without any expectation in return. Karma Marg is of service and sacrifice. Here a person gives importance to other people’s pain rather than his/her and helps as much as he/she can.


The Tap, Bhakti and Karma Marg all 3 can provide salvation (moksh) but, in all the above Karma Marg is considered as the best path because it is the path of service to mankind without any expectation in return.

6. Gyan Marg :



Gyan Marg


This is the path of knowing the supreme energy (God) through knowledge but the fact is that God is a energy which cannot be described in words or through any sort of knowledge. God is a energy which can only be felt.


7. Dharma Marg :



Dharma Marg


Dharma means duty. This is the path as decribed in religious text on which a person walks. A important fact to note here is that the defination of Dharma changes according to time and situation e.g. when Ravan kidnapped Sita it was the Dharma of Ram to fight for his wife. When Ram attacked Lanka it was the Dharma of Kumbhkaran (brother of Ravan) and others to fight for Lanka.

8. Daan Marg :



Daan Marg


Daan (charity) can be of anything. Now a day’s personally I don’t recommend charity of money but charity of food is best, giving knowledge for free, guiding people in right direction of life without any expectation, etc. all these things increase your positive vibration in you which in turn cuts the negative vibrations.